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Here are this week’s top Trending/Spec Comics and Best Cover Art out this Wednesday 7-14-21.

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Star Wars War Of The Bounty Hunters #2Marvel will release a few Star Wars headshot covers with the caption on all of them reading “The Hunt For Han Solo Begins May 2021.” We’re not too sure why the month of May accompanies the text. Did the hunt begin a few months ago and they’re just now getting around to announcing it? Very strange. Anyway, we wanted to make sure you are aware of the best headshot cover of all the variants. The Boba Fett, pictured here as the standout, by far. Art from Giuseppe Camuncoli.
Skybound X #2 – More of the same as the first issue we spoke about. First appearances will be a regular theme in each issue. This issue features two first appearances we know of. A new character within the Stillwater story and the first appearance of Everyday Hero Machine Boy. Machine Boy gets his own variant cover too.
Thor #15 – Mega-Star writer Donny Cates continues his Thor run after turning the series on its proverbial head a few months back with the Black Winter story. It was mega hot and has since cooled down significantly. Now Donny Cates teams with a new artist, Alessandro Vitti, starting with this issue. A new artist and a new story arc. Looks like a great time for fans to jump on board.

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Thor #15
War…Bounty Hunters #2
Skybound X #2

Spider-Woman #13 – This comic makes it to our Hot Comics post this week because of two covers. One, Captain America 80th anniversary variant. This cover features the first appearance (and most likely the last) of Spider-Woman as Captain America. Will this be the last time we see this mash-up? Probably, yes, but you never know! The second cover is Spider-Woman vs. Lady Bullseye. Lady Bullseye first appeared in Daredevil #111 (2008) And here is what InvestComics said in 2008 about her debut; “Lady Bullseye MIGHT have a shot of being a somebody as opposed to another failed attempt at Marvel switching genders on a character.” Not exactly the full endorsement and confidence, but a heads up helped collectors possibly snag a copy at cover price at the time. A raw variant copy of Daredevil #111 recently sold for $99. A graded 9.8 recently sold for $461. 
Sinister War #1 – Two new teams make their debut, the all-new Sinister Six and The Savage Six. Look for this comic to sell out and for this series to do well overall. With the star power creator team of Nick Spencer (writer) and Mark Bagley (artist), and its first appearances, this one is an easy one to figure out.  
Extreme Carnage Scream #1 – This one-shot is sure to please the Venom/Carnage crowd.

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Sinister War #1
Spider-Woman Cap
Spider-Woman #13
Daredevil 111
Scream #1

Joker #5 – Month after month, InvestComics has touted the new Joker series as being a series to keep an eye on. On new comic book day, fans will witness the very first night in Arkham Asylum for the Joker. This series has been the equivalent of Frank Miller’s Wolverine limited series. The back story, bits of his origin, etc. The Joker series is a series many fans dig now but will be a bigger series many years from now.  
Carnage Black, White. And Blood #4 – The final issue with two big creators on board. Ryan Stegman and Declan Shalvey. 
Aliens Aftermath #1 – In previous post, we explained the importance of the Alien series debut from Marvel because with the “Disney” reboot eventually hitting theaters someday, they could refer back to some of the storyboarding they’ve laid out already. New characters, new Alien monsters, actual storyline, etc. So, keeping with that thought/theme in mind, any NEW Alien release from Marvel will in fact be an important one for the collector/speculator. Now that Marvel has the Alien franchise, there will be a continuous onslaught of mini-series and regular long-series being released. As we already have spoken on as well, the Alien covers that featured Marvel characters alongside them were the first of their kind as well. A Venom/Alien cover (or any superhero/Alien cover) could be an important comic due to the fact if Disney ever decides to bring in an Alien into one of their movies within the Marvel Universe. Could you imagine a Venom vs Alien movie? You talk about epic. It could happen, never know. If it ever does happen, those covers would bounce in the aftermarket to epic proportions.      
Superman Son Of Kal-El #1 – DC Comics, for years now with the thought process, in with the new, out with the old. Why DC Comics is so hellbent on getting rid of their “older characters” is a big mystery. Appealing to a younger audience with so many distractions is a no-win situation. Good storytelling always wins. This is what causes the buzz in the first place. The younger (and older) audience of today have Fortnite on their mind, or Youtube, or their mobile device, or Sony Playstation, etc. Too many distractions. Well, that opinion/rant is over! A new super cool Superman is about to take over, his son. Writer Tom Taylor and artist John Timms.     
Beyond The Breach #1 – New AfterShock Comics series from Ed Brisson (writer) and Damian Couceiro (artist)

Joker #5
Superman Kal-El #1
Carnage BW&R #1
Aliens Aftermath #1
Beyond Breach #1


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