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Here are this week’s top Trending/Spec Comics and Best Cover Art out this Wednesday 7-7-21.

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1st Skaar app..

Avengers #46 – Many years ago when the Planet Hulk story hit, InvestComics was all over it. We implored, practically begged collectors to be a part of that new story. We explained that a whole new Hulk universe was being conceptualized before our very eyes. Thanks in large part to Marvel writer Greg Pak for this. The new Hulk universe has already turned up in the Thor Ragnarok film and it’s most likely not going to stop there. Rumors abound for years about the Planet Hulk and World War Hulk making their way onto the big screen, but of course, we were on top of it years before. Will it ever materialize and become a huge storyline for a film one day? Anything is possible. Hulk’s son, Skaar was actually mentioned in some news recently as well. And to no surprise to anyone around these here parts, we asked collectors to pick up his first appearance upon release. Skaar was/is all part of the Planet Hulk and World War Hulk. We are STILL bullish on the entire PH & WWH universe. Pick up Skaar’s first appearance right HERE before it’s really too late. So, what does all of this have to do with Avengers #46? Well, Marvel is giving the She-Hulk the “World War” treatment. While we have very high respect for writer Jason Aaron, we honestly do not have the same affinity we have towards the World War Hulk. We’re are sure though that Jason Aaron will deliver a great story, but as for a “bigger picture?” We simply do not see it. Please note, we have been wrong before! This could blow up and we’d have pie in our face, but for us, this seems unlikely. Buy this for a great read, BUT, there is one thing that could turn the temp up a bit on the WW She-Hulk story. It’ll have to be a first appearance fans start talking about, other than WW She-Hulk. The first appearance of WW She-Hulk will probably not be enough for the masses within the speculative hobby. It’ll have to be more than She-Hulk to make waves in the speculative market. Again, we’ve been wrong before, but we expect a good/fun story here, that’s it.      
Batman Secret Files: The Signal #1 – At one time, the first appearance of Duke Thomas was a relatively hot item. He first appeared in Batman #21 (2011) and then more recently became The Signal (first appearance) in Batman and The Signal #1. The first appearance was a bit of a disappointment in the aftermarket. High expectations fell flat. DC really wants to push this character and is trying in various ways to do so. This Wednesday they’ll try a “new chapter” in The Signal’s life as a hero. The “new chapter” shows us that DC wants this character to succeed because a new beginning for a NEWER character means they really are trying to figure a way out for it to work out. Maybe this time it all comes together.   
Justice League #64 – First appearance alert; The United make their debut. 

1st app – The United
1st World War She-Hulk
1st Duke Thomas
1st Signal app.
Batman Signal Files

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Captain America #30 – Superstar comic book writer/New York Times best-selling writer, Ta-Nehisi Coates, writes the last issue of his Cap run. 
X-Men #1 – Another year, another X-Men restart. Fan-fav Gerry Duggan will write and Pepe Larraz will pencil. The “Reign of X” begins! 
The Nice House On The Lake #2 – DC has a huge hit on their hands and speculators took the number one issue to a strange place. If the first issue was any indicator, what’s in store for the second issue?
Skybound X #1 – Look for first appearances in here. Skybound states they’ll be debuting new characters and new series’ in every issue. That’s a good way to keep the speculators coming back.  
Fight Girls #1 – Artist Frank Cho is well known for creating spectacular imagery of our favorite female characters in ways no other artist can. Now times that by 10. All in one comic, Mr. Cho will pit 10 females to battle for the title; “Queen of the Galaxy.” Frank writes and draws this masterpiece in the making. Expect second, third, etc. prints to occur.   

Nice House….#2
X-Men #1
Captain America #30
Skybound X #1
Fight Girls #1

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Extreme Carnage Alpha #1 – As the new Venom movie inches closer, the Carnage character will be everywhere. The highly successful King In Black saga will continue here. This time with the main focus on Carnage. A new Carnage.   
Justice League Infinity #1 – New Justice League comic from writers J.M DeMatteis and James Tucker. Artist Ethen Beavers.
Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2 – An Infinite Destinies crossover. Plus Spider-Man vs Star. 
Master Of The Universe: Revelation #1 – He-Man fans rejoice! A new series. 
Red Sonja Black, White, Red #1 – Since the inception of naming the three-color comic idea came forth, every week a new character gets the treatment. Fans should love it though. It’s a great concept and looks bad-ass. Some big creative names join in. Awesome! Check out the awesome cosplay cover too with model Gracie Cosplay Lass.
Crime Syndicate #5 – The origin of Johnny Quick.

Extreme Carnage #1
Justice Infinity #1
Masters of….#1
Amz Spm ann #2
Crime Syndicate #5
Red Sonja B,W,R #1


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