Hot Comics, Best Cover Art, and Trending Collectibles 12-22-21

It’s a short week, so we put all of our regular new content in one post. Merry Christmas/Happy holiday’s to the greatest fans in the world.  

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Here are this week’s top Hot/Spec Comics, Best Cover Art, and Trending Collectibles out this Wednesday 12-22-21.
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HOT COMICS This Wednesday 12-2-21

Avengers Forever #1 – It is hard to believe that the original Avengers Forever comic came out 23 years ago. Creators on the book back then, Kurt Busiek, Roger Stern, Carlos Pacheco, and Jesus Merino really brought the twelve-issue limited series to life. Now, so many years later, writer Jason Aaron and artist Aaron Kuder will revisit. This time, the Avengers of the multiverse. Marvel is full-tilt into their multiverse stories as the movies and Disney+ shows are on board as well. The stories become an obvious endless blank canvas of creating anything at this point. Bringing back once dead characters, revamping heroes or villains that were otherwise forgotten about, and on and on it can go. A comic character will never truly die now. Ever. They’ll just exist in another universe if need be. Genders, color, ethnicity, will all play a big part here. How long before we get a female counterpart Vision or Deathlok. An American Asian Spider-Man? An African American Conan? While most of these have probably already been done, the point here is the multiverse stories are boundless. It’s up to the fans to decide which new characters will hit or not. Then Disney/Marvel will level up from there. Expect new source material to escape from any material from Marvel’s multiverse, obviously, but expect major source material from the focal point stories like this one.  
Gunslinger #3 – A new character makes its way through here. 
Ms Marvel Beyond The Limit #1 – New story from author Samira Ahmed. 
Darkhold Spider-Man #1 – Marvel’s new Darkhold titles continue to introduce dark new worlds into their universe. Enter the dark world of Spider-Man.  
King Conan #1 – Another number one Conan comic. This time, writer Jason Aaron will bring Conan to the brink of his extinction. His last stand. Mahmud A. Asrar provides the pictures for the words.  

Avengers Forever #1
Ms. Marvel ….#1
Darkhold Spider-Man #1
Gunslinger #3
King Conan #1

Best Cover Art This Week 12-22-21

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Catwoman #38 Jenny Frison 
Supergirl Woman Of Tomorrow #6 Steve Rude 
The Amazing Spider-Man #82 Joshua Swaby 
Avengers Forever #1 Aaron Kuder

Jenny Frison
Joshua Swaby
Steve Rude
Aaron Kuder
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Trending Collectibles This Week 12-22-21

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Star Wars The Mandalorian And The Child ARTFX PVC Statue Kotobukiya
POP Marvel Eternals Gilgamesh Glow-In-The-Dark Chase Vinyl Bobble HeadFunko
Marvel Gallery VS Wolverine PVC Statue Diamond Select
Marvel Disney Plus Legends What If Zombie Hunter Spidey 6-Inch Action FigureHasbro
POP Rocky BalboaFunko

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