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The Amazing Spider-Man #17A few years ago (2019) Disney released a D23 comic that turned the internet, more so eBay on its head. The cover showed Mickey Mouse along with several other Marvel comic characters. The price gauging was severe and gutless. Things have settled quite a bit as several collectors have taken a bath with their losses. One of the last sales was $700 for a CGC 9.8 grade. In 2022, new D23 Mickey Mouse cover along with Marvel characters happened again. The madness hit again as the last sale was at $725 for a CGC 9.8 grade. Disney, not one to ever miss an opportunity has gone back to the well but in a different way. Their new approach should definitely capture the interest of many collectors. Disney will celebrate their 100 years in existence with several Disney/Marvel variant covers. This time, fans will not see Mickey and his supporting cast as their own selves, this time they’ll be actual Marvel superheroes. Yes, Goofy as the Hulk, Mickey as Captain America, Donald Duck as The Thing, Minnie as The Invisible Girl, etc. Many other Disney characters will make appearances as various marvel heroes. Here’s the thing, These Disney characters have never been these heroes before. Ever. Goofy as the Human Torch? Nope, never seen that before either, but it’ll exist now. These covers are very big first-appearance covers arriving within the next few months. Collect them all, it’s history as Disney is truly meshing with their own product in this way for the first time in the Marvel Comics Universe. The next HUGE, BIG step will be the actual interior pages containing Mickey Mouse teaming up with Spider-Man. Wow, that will be a biggie.
And with all of that, check out the first-ever Disney Avengers team on the Amazing Spider-Man #17 variant cover.
NOTE: The B&W Disney variant has a 1:100 ratio. Obviously, a chase book will command bigger bucks at the end of the day. On an opinion level, the color variant is way better in the sense the colors really bring out the characters here, but speculatively speaking, will be worth less.     
Harley Quinn #24 (second print) – Last week collectors and readers were introduced to a new Harley; The Harley Quinn Who Laughs. One cover contained just Harley’s face in the mask, now the second print cover contains the entire getup. The first full appearance cover. 
Nemesis Reloaded #1 – When creator, Mark Millar, first released the Nemesis character back in 2009, it blew up. Fans went bonkers. Then there was a news flash a couple of years ago somewhere that everyone picked up on. Nemesis was optioned for a film or television series. Holy sh*t, said all of the speculators. It moved the proverbial Nemesis needle once again. In today’s reality, no one cares anymore, again. Not to say Nemesis is a bad comic, but out of sight, out of mind. Well, Mark Millar is back at it again and has brought back Nemesis. Expect tremendous interest here as usual.

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Ghost Rider #10 – A new chapter begins for Ghost Rider as Marvel promises first appearances to arrive. Will that occur here? Maybe. 
Batgirls #14 – This issue can blame G.I. Joe #21 from 39 years ago. Back in 1984, writer Larry Hama had an idea to release a comic that had no dialogue in it. Definitely, an interesting concept to say the least. Not only was it a huge hit back then, but it also continues to be a collector’s favorite in today’s market. Granted, the first appearances of Storm Shadow and Arashikage Ninja help propel the issue’s interest, but being the first major comic to have zero-word balloons in it was groundbreaking. So many comics throughout the years have followed this format with some success, but none will or have matched the first to do it. So, by now you have probably guessed why Batgirls #14 has hit the InvestComics Hot Comics list. No words in this comic. The Batgirls silent issue.  
Miles Morales Spider-Man #2 – This comic will be flying off the shelf on Wednesday. The first appearance of Rabble. The new character shouldn’t be that hard to find, they appear on several variant covers. 
Spawn Unwanted Violence #1 – Here’s a two-part story written by Todd McFarlane and drawn by Michael Del Mundo. 

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Predator #6 – Disney’s new franchise continues to lay the foundation of a future film that may or may not contain the new players in this story. Your best bet is to consistently buy this series and the Alien series to ensure you don’t miss that speculative boat if it ever sails. Otherwise, you’re getting kick-ass stories anyway, so it’s a win-win either way. 
Black Cloak #1 – Readers will be getting a big bang for their buck here, a triple-size debut issue for $4.99. Writer Kelly Thompson and artist Meredith McClaren.
Avengers War Across Time #1 – Here’s a historic issue. Comic writer Paul Levitz began his career at DC Comics in 1972 and never crossed over to write a story for Marvel Comics, ever. So 51 years have passed and that streak is about to change this Wednesday. Paul will write this throwback/modern Avengers story for Marvel Comics. Joining Paul will be legendary artist Alan Davis. What exactly is not to love here? 
Lazarus Planet Alpha #1 – DC Comics will start off a major event in the second week of the new year. Expect many new first appearances and changes to already established ones. Writer Mark Waid and artist Billy Tan. 
Tiger Division #3 – A new villain is introduced. 

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Here are a bunch of new homage variants due out this Wednesday. We’ll put the variant and the original covers side by side for you guys/gals to see. The original cover is on the left. Here’s the thing, as nice as the variants are, they aren’t much different from the original at all. Yes, slight difference, but overall, the same. Why do artists paying homage to the past greats, not add their own flavor to the mix? Why be “the same-same”? “Copying” is okay we guess, adding a style difference in some minute way to a homage is better. We see this in David Nakayama’s Moon Knight homage a bit. Just an overall thought. Take a look yourself, what do you think?

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