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Cosmic Ghost Rider #1It’s still an absolute wonder how this character became as popular as it has in so quick of time and fell on its face, only to sustain a level of interest that fanboys and hidden agenda websites have kept up to maintain a speculative level this character has no business being at. It literally took decades for the first original Ghost Rider appearance to be of deep interest to begin the steady increase in value. In today’s upside-down market, still, the first appearance of Cosmic Ghost Rider in Thanos #13 (2018) took a whole bunch of money from unsuspected collectors and tanked at a settling price of around $150 for a 9.6 graded (recent sale – CGC). Why is it even at that price is a mystery. This character right now has zero upside but for certain sites and apps to drive up a phantom market with their markers on eBay. It’s hard to believe this is still going on, but it is. A character whose skull head is in a fish bowl. Okay, to each their own. But seriously, take a step back for a minute and really look at this character. Where is the upside? A rumor on some app? A video on YouTube? Do you ever wonder why those blurbs never come to fruition? It’s a used car salesman tactic and so many have lost a serious amount of money because of it. As we always say on here, do your own research and get a feel for the market of the particular character in tow. Just because a silly rumor or a possibility of a movie or animation appearance is set forth about Cosmic Ghost Rider doesn’t mean jack.
This Wednesday collectors get their first glimpse at the future of Cosmic Ghost Rider. Maybe this will actually level the character up. Maybe, just maybe, it won’t. We’re not saying that writer Stephanie Phillips and artist Juan Cabal won’t deliver a good story, but what if this doesn’t level up the interest Marvel/Disney hopes for? Then the recent sale of the 9.6 $150 first appearance is a loss for that buyer. Should a collector own the first appearance? Sure, but buy a raw crispy copy for as low as you can barter for. Do not pay an adsorbent price for it. It’s simply too much risk right now with absolutely no substance to hold its value. However, the new series will be a tell-tale sign of just how much true interest there is in this character. If the series is cut off after its 8th issue, well, Houston we have a problem. If it lasts a few years, which it won’t, then the interest is there and you have a nice investment with your Thanos #13
Spider-Gwen Shadow Clones #1 – Marvel is onto a new level of creating “new” characters these days. It’s a simple process really. Take a character within your library and mash it up with another character and presto! you have a new character. Wolverine, Spider-Man, Nightcrawler, Hulk, etc., and now Spider-Gwen. As with many of these mash-up comics, each issue will feature a first appearance. The odds of one of these characters eventually breaking out and causing a ruckus in the aftermarket are good. You just have to be at the right place at the right time. Like being here, at InvestComics. We’ll give you a heads-up. This series is written by Emily Kim and drawn by Kei Zama.  
Hallows’ Eve #1For the sake of not repeating ourselves, this character is much like the Cosmic Ghost Rider, but not. The speculative route never took off as it did with CGR. A 9.8 CGC first appearance earlier this year in Amazing Spider-Man #13 sold for $65. That is nowhere near the pricing Thanos #13 fetched, ever. It blew by the $65 mark after its release and then saw ridiculous graded prices thereafter. Again, a raw copy for a Thanos #13 can be bought for much lower prices than that of a graded copy. The same applies here with Amazing Spider-Man #13. The raw books are easily accessible. But back to the number one release here. Why exactly is Hallows Eve getting her own again? Written by Erica Schultz and penciled by Michael Dowling. Maybe Hallows Eve is destined for a breakout now? Once again, do not let an app, video, or site dictate to you. Be your own decision-maker on these things.      

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I Am Iron Man #1 – A “This is your life” series on Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man. Journey on the telling of Iron Man, the man, and his journey thus far. Writer Murewa Ayodele and artist Akande Adedotun.  
Harley Quinn #27 – Meet A bunch of Harley Quinn’s from other universes. Yes, first appearances. 
Star Wars Han Solo & Chewbacca #10 – A new Marvel Star Wars event is coming this year and it begins right here. 
Rogue & Gambit #1A new story with this duo no one asked for. Writer Stephanie Phillips and artist Carlos E. Gomez.  










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