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Here are this week’s top Trending/Speculative Comics out this Wednesday 3-22-23.
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Superman #2 – Fans of the speculative side of collecting should stay on top of the new Superman series for a little while. New characters will be popping up on a regular basis. The first appearance of Marilyn Moonlight hits issue.
Doctor Strange #1 – A new Doctor Strange solo comic series. How many times will we get a new number-one relaunch of a Doctor Strange comic? If you’re not keeping count, we’ll help you out. We’re on volume six now. What’s wrong with continuing numbers? Oh yes, the nerd speculator actually still believes there is some kind of value in having the number one on the cover, so Marvel will continue to con the not so educated speculator into believing something very special is occurring. Got it. The best part of these start-overs is the great creative talent we all get to enjoy for a wee-bit until it all happens again. Writer Jed Mackay and artist Pasqual Ferry.    
She-Hulk #11 – A first appearance of a new villain from writer Rainbow Rowell. Art by Andres Genolet. Great cover from Yagawa Rickie.
The Amazing Spider-Man #22 – A possible first appearance here. Writer Zeb Wells is starting maybe unravel things in the world of Parker and MJ. 
Women Of Marvel #1 – A one-shot with the focus on……well you guessed it, the Women of Marvel. Writer Melissa Flores and artist Jodi Nishijima. You know what would make this comic even better? An unannounced first appearance. 
Batman One Bad DayRa’s Al Ghul #1 – We’ve been on board for weeks or months now with these Batman One Bad Day offerings. Writer Tom Taylor, with artists Ivan Reis and Danny Miki. This will be the “last” issue of the One Bad Day stories.  
Order & Outrage #1 – Anytime writer/artist Jim Starlin is involved in a comic book, we are in favor. Jim Starlin will write this sci-fi/drama and superstar artist Rags Morales joins in. Although, Jim will do the cover art here. Dark Horse Comics will publish.  

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Waller Vs. Wildstorm #1 – Waller is one of those characters that a comic company loves more than the fan. True story. Ever since she appeared on screen, DC has had this massive love affair with her. Although it seems this way to us. Maybe not, but is seems that way. Anyway, the best part of this special number-one issue is having Deathstroke kick some Wildstorm ass.  
Marauders #12 – Origin stories are always interesting and important. Here’s an origin story from Steve Orlando and Eleonora Carlini.
The Neighbors #1 – A new horror story from Boom Studios. You know Boom knows how to get the horror story down. Writer Jude Ellison S Doyle and artist Letizia Cadonici. 
Punisher #10 – The new era Punisher was pushed along nine issues ago, now catch some of the “missing pieces” of the Punisher’s origin. 
Dead Romans #1 – New mini-series from Image Comics. Nothing like a kick-ass Roman Empire comic book. We are 100 percent onboard here, so give us some fighting, deceitfulness, sex, and death! Writer Fred Kennedy and artist Nick Marinkovich. 
DC’s Legion Of Bloom #1 – DC presents an all-green issue, a “spring season” story. Anything dealing with plants and or greenery characters will be in this one-shot. Plus they’ll throw in some not-so-green characters too to even things out. A bunch of creative comic book talent on this $9.99 book. 
Popscars #1 – Think if disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein had a female out on the hunt to kill him. That would be this comic story but not. It’s a little more complicated than that, but a tad of the gist of that is sprinkled in here. Independent comic publisher Sumerian Comics, with writer Pat O’Malley and artist Santiago Guillen. 

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