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Predator Vs. Wolverine #1Well, it’s finally happening. It took four long years. It’s been four years since Disney officially bought out 21st Century Fox (a mere 71 billion dollars) and earned the rights to an enormous amount of characters they never had before. It wasn’t until the middle of last year that Disney’s comic book division, Marvel Comics, began their usage of the Predator character.
InvestComics gave fans a heads-up last year regarding the Predator officially entering into the Marvel U. Marvel released several variant covers of the Predator battling various heroes. The very first two variant covers released of Predator with a Marvel character were; Captain America Sentinel Of Liberty #2 and Jane Foster & The Mighty Thor #2. So, with that, we have the official/unofficial first Predator/Marvel hero mix. But you already knew this because we told you this last year, right? Here is a literal copy & paste of what we wrote in mid 2022….
…..That changes with the two comics arriving this Wednesday; Captain America Sentinel Of Liberty #2 and Jane Foster & The Mighty Thor #2. Both of these covers will provide the first look into the Predator involved with the Marvel Universe. And just like the Alien franchise, if Marvel decides to throw in an Easter egg in the background or a cave, or wherever, a Predator skull, the collectors market will go bonkers for the first Predator comic. Granted the Dark Horse comics, the original Alien and Predator first comic appearances will be in demand, but these Disney/Marvel Comics will be sought after as well. What if an Alien skull makes it to a Venom movie? Yes, that Venom/Alien cover will be untouchable. Same with any of the Predator comic covers arriving before the Predator #1 comic comes out in a couple of months.
So, with that, Predator officially enters the Marvel Universe this Wednesday. Where Marvel goes from here will be fun to watch and indicative of the speculative side of things even more so. If Marvel runs with this idea of pitting the Predator against various Marvel characters, formidable opponents, not Predator vs. Cyclops, we could be leading to something special here. Predator vs. Venom pops into mind here. Then throw Marvel’s other franchise in the mix there too, Alien, and you have three alien races fighting it out. That would be delicious.
And for more speculation goodness, we’ve spoken at length about the Alien and Marvel Hero covers as well a few years ago, but we’re going to give the Predator character his time to shine a bit. But, we leave you with two of the baddest “first appearance” Alien/Marvel character covers from 2021 that should be in your collection. Amazing Spider-Man #56 and Venom #32.
Uncanny Spider-Man #1 – The very first appearance of the Spider-Man/Nightcrawler mash-up character. Writer Simon Spurrier and artist Lee Garbett start things off. 
Wonder Woman #1 – Writer Tom King explains that in this new series, Wonder Woman will get her “Lex Luthor” adversary for the first time in her comic book history. Artist Daniel Sampere will contribute to this groundbreaking(?) villain. Will readers/collectors get their first look at this new villain right out of the gate? Maybe so. Either way, comic fans should stay on top of this series, it could break the internet if done correctly. Will this be WW’s Venom, Joker, Lex, Zoom, Magneto, Loki…? You get the idea. Hopefully, this will be THE one this week, as it is for Superman too. More on that in a bit. UPDATE: 9/19/23: The unofficial first appearance of  Wonder Woman’s new villain (Sovereign) is actually in last week’s new Superman Lost #6. At the end of the issue, there are preview pages of Wonder Woman #1 and the pages contain the very first look at Sovereign.
Batman Gargoyle Of Gotham #1 – This DC Comics Hot Pick Spotlight Comic was delayed last week, so we’re going to say this again, buy this comic book. And here is what we said last week; Rafael Grampa will make his DC Comics writing debut with this potentially ridiculous awesome book. A dark tale that only Rafael can tell. He will also pencil it, so expect a very good Batman story here. There will also be a few first appearances here.

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Alpha Flight #2 – The Box Sentinels first appeared in the previous issue, but now we get to see them in all-out action. The Dan Panosian home cover (shown below) is badass too.
Captain America #1 – A new Captain America series no one asked for. Why couldn’t we just keep the old numbering running and just introduce a new creative team? Like the old days! Anywho, all-star writer J. Michael Straczynski along with fan favorite artist Jesus Saiz are sure to make for an impactful start here. 
Green Lantern War Journal #1 – A new Green Lantern series starring John Stewart. Writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson and artist Montos will introduce a new villain. Even MORE of a reason to grab this one.  
Superman #6 – A new Superman villain is introduced. Maybe THIS will be a new breakout villain within the Superman gallery? It’s been way too long since collectors have received that new Supes villain they can go bonkers over. Please be it this time. We’ll have to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday.  
What If Dark Carnage #1A what-if story containing the first appearance of Cortland Kasady as Carnage. Writer Larry Hama and artist John McCrea. 

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Harley Quinn Black, White & Redder #3Superstar creators continue to be involved in this monthly and they are bringing it. A must-see and read every four weeks. 
Batman Superman Worlds Finest #19 – Some comic fans will probably lose their proverbial minds this week by a triggering variant cover. Not so much because of the first appearance of Nicholas Cage’s Superman variant cover, but more so the Alexander Lozano variant cover. A fictional comic book character cover that’ll cause Bud Light syndrome here. We do not care about any cover, we’re not triggered, we simply do not care. We don’t like something, we move along and don’t buy it. Quite simple really. Fans should try this, they’ll live longer too.  
Deadpool Badder Blood #4 – Writer/artist, Rob Liefeld continues his Deadpool story. He’s introduced a few new characters already, who’s to say it won’t happen again? 
Guardians Of The Galaxy #6 – Readers of this series know that Groot has been through some sh*t as of late. This issue gives us the origin of Grootfall. 
X-Men Annual #1 – The Contest Of Chaos continues in this new annual. Each week Marvel is presenting a new battle between two Marvel heroes. Most have been battles fans are not that interested in, with the exception of last week’s Venom vs. Deadpool and Spidey vs. Wolverine, the rest are just meh. Here we have the last one-on-one battle with Cyclops vs. Captain Marvel. 
Titans #3Fans of the Titans animated series will get a treat here, speculators who do not watch the show will also be treated with a gift. The first appearance of the animated character Atlas is within the pages of a DC comic book.

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Big Game #3 – The Mark Millar crossover event continues. 
Star Wars Dark Droids D-Squad #1 – New Star Wars comics always come with surprises, so best to get this one. Plus, it’s written by Marc Guggenheim, so now it’s a must-get. 
Uncanny Avengers #2 – The second issue from superstar team Gery Duggan and Garron Javier. This series will gain steam as it rolls on.
Strange Academy Moon Knight #1 – The first of a three-part mini-series. Writer Carlos Hernandez and artist Ze Carlos. 
Junior Baker The Righteous Faker #1New miniseries from Image Comics. Writer Joe Casey and artist Ryan Quackenbush

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