InvestComics Comic Hot Pick 1-16-08

This week will make you feel Stranded……..










Stranded # 1
Release Date 01-16-08

SCI-FI/Virgin Comics

The Hot Pick this week has a few big names attached to it which could ultimately either lead to its downfall or its ride on the successful money trail. This drama/sci-fi comic is created by writer/novelist Mike Carey (X-Men, Lucifer, The Devil You Know), with covers by Greg Horn and Marc Silvestri. Nice fire power, not the best but okay. The other factor regarding this issue getting the Hot Pick nod would be that it’s the first time that SCI-FI (channel)/Virgin Comics are ever branding a comic together. Is this enough to hold its weight in the long run? Give this comic a strong storyline and some good artwork and we’ll see. Overall we’re not looking at a huge buy here. Look to see how the market reacts within the first couple of weeks. If its a sell out and buzz abound, hold on to your first few issues and pray for a SCI-FI television series.

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


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