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 Captain America rejoins his Team, Green Lantern hits a milestone, JLA gets a new lineup, and another character comes back from the dead. Plus more!  

A very nice addition to the InvestComics articles hits this week. 10 For The Pros ; basically what these articles will consist of is 10 simple questions to the pro’s in the Industry. That’s it, no rocket science here. Every creator will get the same 10 questions. It’s going to be fun to see how each creator differs from each other in answering them. The very first creator is one of the DC/Vertigo legends himself and from the Neil Gaiman Sandman run, colorist Daniel Vozzo. Currently on the Jack of Fables title and also having a hand in the JSA 80 page Special, Daniel Vozzo is a veteran with many credentials, with a possible comic written by Vozzo coming in the future.
Bob Heske’s awesome column IndieCreator hits this week with the man responsible for giving us AAM Markosia; Harry Markos. Find out all about Mr. Markos and the great publishing company in this article. It’s a ‘not miss’ folks take my word.
The Brokers Corner article comes at the collectors this week with more great finds from Topher Seal. Check out an oldie but goodie in his Blue Chip of The Month pick. Great finds as usual from TS!

Hot Picks for 1-27-10
jla41.gifgreenlantern50.gifasm619.gifnewavengers61.gifJustice League of America #41 debuts the start of a new team. The team will be Batman, Green Lantern, the Atom, Green Arrow, Donna Troy, the Guardian, Cyborg, Mon-El, Starfire, Dr. Light and Congorilla. This new lineup seems like it’ll work. Having Mark Bagley on board helps the eye candy cause too.
Not only is the Blackest Night the hottest story in the comic book land, but now the Green Lantern series reaches its double sized milestone 50th issue. This comic will go into at least 4 printings by the time issue 52 comes out. The big prize here comes from the 1 in 100 variant from Jim Lee. This is a biggie fans. Think about this, the biggest Lantern event ever (Blackest Night), a rare variant from Jim Lee (1 in 100) and a movie looming. Buying this variant is a no brainer.

Amazing Spider-Man #619 will have a character coming back from the dead. Marvel is calling this an unbelievable moment in the Spider-Man series. Who could it be? We’ll see on Wednesday now won’t we!

kickass8.gifkickassmovieposternew.gifSpeaking of dead and coming back, Captain America rejoins his former team in New Avengers #61. What impeccable timing too, because the Siege of Asgard is taking place. Go show them how it’s done Cap! Clean some house.

Marvel will have a monster of a movie coming out on April 16th. Kick Ass is going to absolutely blow the doors off of the comic book movie world. Not only will the movie be huge, but the comic books are already being sought after. This week the final issue of the series will come out. Kick Ass #8 will NOT be the last Kick Ass comic you will ever see. This is a guarantee. The franchise begins on April 16th; buy all of the Kick Ass comics now before the sequel and 3rd movie comes out.

Brian Michael Bendis adds to the beginning of the NEW Ultimate line with Ultimate Comics Enemy #1. What’s with this title? It doesn’t sound right. Anyway, get on board here and check out the next exciting chapter in the NEW Ultimate line to
ultimatecomicsenemy1_foilogramcover.gifarchie605.gifpilotseasondemonic1.gifthe likes “you have never seen”.
What do you get when you put together Robert Kirkman, Joe Benitez, Marc Silvestri, and a demon? You come away with a Top Cow comic called Pilot Season: Demonic #1 that is going to sell out very quickly.
Archie #605 will be the final chapter in the Archie gets married storyline. Look for more surprises to be headed in the direction of the newlyweds. Is that Archie on the cover with his kids? Yes it is! Wow, and this isn’t even the “surprise” they are talking about for this issue. Archie comics promises this will be the most talked about Archie comic book of all time. This sounds important, don’t miss this folks.


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See you all next week, Invest Wisely.

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