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The latest Hot Picks comes at you this week with some old charcters coming back, old creators, a new event and a new creative team. Click ahead and enjoy!

jla38.gifThis week Justice League of America gets a new teamsuperman80pagegiant_2000.gif member. Not a teammember with special powers, a member with the power of a pencil. Mark Bagley takes over the art duties for the ‘new era’ in the Justice League team! This isn’t the first time that Mark has had a crack at any of the Justice dudes. Go back to 1995 to see Mark drawing Batman in the one shot crossover Spider-Man & Batman. His first crack at Superman came some 5 years later in Superman 80 page Giant. You could get either one of these at cover price. Sticking to the Batman for a little bit, Azrael is coming back again. I really wish Joe Quesada was drawing the new Azrael#1 book like he used to back in the day. Batman: Sword of Azrael #1batman_swordofazrael1_1992.gif from 1992 was the debut Azrael, Joe Q was the one who brought him into the
azrael1.gifUniverse and it seems DChas been trying to get this hot character going for
many years after his once ‘hot status’, much like the character Lobo was for
them at one time. So pick up the back issue of Azrael before you pick up the
new number one issue this week to see how everything got started for Mr. AZ.

incrediblehulk603.gifA family get together is in order this week. It’s a first meeting ofMarvel’s youngest go to characters since X-23. Skaar and Daken face off for the first time in a meeting that has been a little overdue. We all remember Incredible Hulk #181. Will this issue be a 181? No mightyavengers30.gifway, not even close. Will this issue be of ‘some’ significance because it’s the first meeting of Marvel’s next biggest characters? This is a yes.
Hey anyone want to see just about every Avenger in every single Marvel book in ONE book? You get your chance in Mighty Avengers #30. Every Avenger on every team makes an appearance in this issue including The Dark Avengers. Avenger fans Assemble!
angelvsfrankenstein.gifJohn Byrne has a hand in many of the characters mentioned in this week’s Hot Picks. Love him or hate him, he’s an icon in the comic bookcasperandthespectrals1.gifindustry. Everything from his mini Hulk run, Avengers and the Superman:Man of Steel run. He’s done it all and the man could crank out comics like no other can. So that said, love him or hate him, you have to respect the guy for what he has brought to the comic industry. Why all of the John Byrne talk you ask? Well he’s come back to write and draw the new IDW one shot comic Angel vs. Frankenstein! Very cool and very comic book friendly. Another friendly comic will be making a comeback this week. Catch everyone’s favorite Friendly ghost in Casper and the Spectrals #1. It’s been a while since we have seen this ghost around. Look for Ardden Entertainment to score nice sales on this comic. Then look for a children’s cartoon, the toys, the movie and you get where this is going. Casper will be a hot commodity again so be prepared to see lots of him in the months and years to come. 
invincible67.gifSo what’s a week without an event? No not from the big 2, but Image is up this
Image United promises to be the largest event in Image comic’s short history (17 years to be exact). Pick up a prelude to this event in Invincible #67. If
this Image storyline becomes as big as the buzz surrounding it, this would be the issue to have.


Here are a few more comics to check out this Wednesday….. 


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