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Green is a very Hot color these days in the DC Universe. Also check out the new God of War comic coming out this week….

thor129firstares150.gifA short list this week is highlighted by a The God of War himself ‘Ares’. Ares has been a major player for quite some time now and it looks like Marvel wants to take him to another level. This week Marvel gives Ares his own book, Dark Avengers Ares #1. If you want to look for a gem of a first appearance, look no further than Thor #129 from 1966. This first appearance will cost only $160 in some markets. Not a bad buy at all considering that the comic is a first appearance of a character from 43 years ago that is still being used today in a major role. Also consider that the Thor movie is coming and who knows if Ares wouldn’t pop up in there?! Again, for a
comic that is over 40 years old to be at the 150 range is a bargain considering
this guy’s role in the Marvel universe right now, a very strong recommendation
here collectors.

batmanwildcat1997.gifbatman670.gifArtist Tony Daniel will be coming back to a character that he basically ‘owns’ these days, Batman. If you haven’t been following Tony
on any Batman book he has drawn, you’re missing out and living under a rock. He
first started penciling Batman with issue #670 as well as cover art, did 18 issues, took a much needed break from the series and is now back to write and draw the title again in Batman #692. The progression to see where he came from
as far as becoming THE ‘Batman artist’ to where he is now is awesome. Don’t believe me? Check it out yourself, Tony owns Batman now. Know this one little tidbit though, the first Batman Tony ever did was about 12 years ago. In 1997,
he did the cover to Batman/Wildcat #1.

blackestnight4.gifdetectivecomics858.gifA couple of hot series continue this week for DC. The
Blackest Night #4 is at a fever pitch. Can this epic event for Lantern fans get any hotter right now?? When all of the smoke clears, this will go down as the greatest Lantern epic ever told. Now if we could only see this Green Lantern movie made, we’ll all be even happier! Detective Comics seems to be on everyone’s pull list these days as well. Check out the ‘tragic’ (as DC says)
beginning’s of Kate Kane, aka Batwoman. The Origin story of Batwoman begins here and this will be a great read brought to you by Greg Rucka.

In the ‘what are they thinking’ department, Hulk #16 introduces fans to Red She-Hulk. hulk16.gifYes of course we get Red She-Hulk because Red Hulk has been such a huge success! Oh boy is this RED stuff just plain silly now. 5 years from now we’ll all be sitting around the fireplace reminiscing about old comic books and great stories and great characters. The Reds will be the part of the reminiscing we all start gasping for air in laughter of fvza1.gifhow stupid it was. What’s wrong with Green anyways? Maybe even Gray!  Radical Comics gets the nod for Sleeper of the week. First a quick recap, Anchor #1 from Boom! Studios a couple of weeks ago was picked as a sleeper and quickly sold out with a second print on the way. So keep an eye out for these comics that might slip through the cracks. Radical brings FVZA #1. FVZA stands for Federal Vampire Zombie Agency. Written by David Hine (Spider-Man: Noir) and drawn by Roy Allan Martinez (War of Kings Saga), this will be one to watch.

Here Are Other Comics To Look For This Wednesday…… 















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