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When Babies attack! Is there a DOCTOR in the house? This house may be HAUNTed though, all of this may spell certain DOOM for the UNSEEN. This is all very ASTONISHING and maybe is it VENGEANCE that keeps InvestComics Hot Picks going? Don’t know what we’re talking about? Click ahead to find out.
doctorvoodooavengerofsupernatural1.gif Doctor Voodoo Avenger Of The Supernatural #1  Okay so after 4newavengers53.gifprevious failed attempts at his own series, Doctor Strange has been bumped, enter Doctor VooDoo. Strange did have a nice run on his last attempt, it lasted 90 issues. This week introduces fans to a whole New Sorcerer Supreme in his own ongoing. Here is how this is probably going to play out folks. Dr VooDoo (silly name isn’t it?) will do well in its initial release, maybe even sell out. Sales will wane quite a bit, this is where our Dr. Stephen Strange will probably step in and battle Doctor VooDoo for the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme. In a battle to end all battles, Strange will win his title back as well as his title of his own comic. Issue number 91 will not be far behind now will it? So if you feel like checking out the first appearance of Dr. VooDoo, pick up New Avengers #53 before Strange gets his comic back.


xbabies1.gif X-Babies #1  Marvel really is pushing this whole miniuncannyxmenannual10_firstxbabies_12dolls.gifMarvel gang thing huh? A few weeks ago it was The Marvel Superhero Squad, this week the X-Babies. Marvel does know how to beat a horse pretty well (‘ahem’ zombie). So now Marvel rides the Superhero Squad gravy train and again this too will be a success. Marvel is doing their thing in reaching the younger audience. DC has done a fine job with the more recent Billy Batson comic, now Marvel jumps in with some fire power themselves. The first X-Babies issue comes with a back up of Art Adams’ first X-Babies appearance. Uncanny X-Men Annual #10 would be that very issue. It’s only $10 in some markets and I suggest you pick this up very soon before the babies start kicking you for not getting it. Good buy here fans. 



Batman: The Unseen #1  Doug Moench and Kelley Jones team up ‘again’ to bring this miniseries. This duo seems to be a favorite among Bat fans. The first time Doug and Kelley got together was in 1991 with the graphic novel Batman and Dracula Red Rain. The hard cover will run you about $25 and the soft cover will be around $10. Happy reading! Nice pictures too.



haunt1toddvariant.gif haunt1.gifHaunt #1  Did anyone really think this weeks’ Hot Picks was going to go without the mention of this comic? This comic is going to do extremely well right out of the gate. Buy the variants and hold on to them for a little while. Sell them back when the series reaches fever pitch. The variants will command the highest prices when this comic sells out. McFarlane and Kirkman will bring it and we all need to enjoy this ride. Although Haunt does look like Spidey or Venom in many ways, try to get past that and enjoy Todd’s covers, enjoy Greg Capullo’s pencils, enjoy Kirkman’s writing and enjoy the kickback you’ll get with your 9.9 graded variant. Most of all enjoy Haunt; it’s going to be fun for a little while. 


doompatrol91_100firstmento.gif Doom Patrol #3  A character by the name Mento is back and DC promises after reading this issue you won’t forget him. If you want to see seek out his first appearance look back to the year 1964 in Doom Patrol #91. For only $100 this too could be yours….if the price is right (Bob get out of my head!). This issue also says it’s debuting a new character called Douglas Robot Hunter. Not sure of that nane, then again, what is Mento? 



astxmen31.gifVengeance Of Moon Knight #2  The second issue of this hot series continues with guest star Sentry. Check out more on this cover in the Comics and Cinema (The Wish List) section. Lights, camera, lets fight!

Astonishing X-Men #31  New creative team climbs onboard here. Phil Jimenez and Warren Ellis! You should climb on board too. 

Some other Comics to look at this Wednesday…..
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