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Another week, another death, another return and a new creator on a hot book. All this plus more, check out another week of Hot Picks! 

adventurecomics4.gifdccomicspresents871stprime_25.gifWell Superboy Prime is back, maybe punching his way back into the DC Universe? DC fans will welcome him with open arms amidst the mass confusion that followed the ‘first punch’. Adventure Comics #4 will be the return issue, will you return? If you’re feeling adventurous these days and you DO return  you could always pick up the first appearance of Prime in DC Comics Presents #87 from 1985 for about the $30 range. With all the story changes and characters dying, returning, revamping in the DC Universe
It’s hard for the collector to get any value from the back issues. Getting a Superboy Prime first appearance won’t break your bank, but it sure does
seem like a long shot as far as the Investment side goes. 
There are a couple of more ‘returns’ to speak of this week. In Amazing Spider-Man #612, Electro will be causing some serious problems for our hero in the new storyline Gauntlet. Buying an early first appearance in a amazingspm612.gifamspm9_1stelectro_1964_2500.gifSpider-Man book from 1964 is always a nice thing. Amazing Spider-Man #9, Electro’s first appearance sells for $2600. This is a recommended buy because of how much upside potential it has. Speaking of upside, this next comic shows promise of none, but its fun to point it out! Brave and The Bold #29 comes out with a return of Brother Power The Geek. Yes, who is that? Why do we care? For those of you that do care, check out Brother Power The Geek #1 from way back in 1968 for the first look at this weirdo. This unused character is being pulled from the doldrums why brotherpowerthegeek1_1968_80.gifthebraveandthebold29.gifexactly? Your guess is as good as mine. If you feel like dropping $75 on this first appearance, don’t expect much return in the future. The only saving grace of The Geek coming back here is that Michael Straczynski is writing it. So what would a week be without a life altering event in the DC Universe or as DC put it this week ‘rewriting the History books’. Flash: Rebirth #5 gets the distinct honor this week, so make sure to check it out and get disappointed again. Did I say that out theflashrebirth5.gifdarkavengers11.gifloud? Anyway, one of these days these rewriting history moments will mean something again. So staying on topic here a bit, Dark Avengers #11 promises a death. Will it mean anything? Probably not, but it’s always important to point these things out. 

thunderbolts138.gifJeff Parker will be debuting on Thunderbolts #138. He’s the writer of Agents of Atlas and some upcoming titles in January Including Marvel Boy: The Uranian #1 and Fall of The Hulks Red Hulk #1. Jeff Parker will bring his ‘A’ game here according to deadlocke1.gifdrhorrible.gifnola1_2.gifreports. Look for this comic to sell out quickly. There are a few number one issues you should take a look at this week. Nola #1 from Boom Studios!, Dr. Horrible and Dead Locke #1 from Dark Horse. All 3 look promising. Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited comes out with the secret origin of the Black Knight. If you want to see the original Black Knight story, travel back in time to 1955, as Editor Stan Lee of Atlas blackknight1.gifblackknight1_1955_editorstanlee_1300.gifComics brings you Black Knight #1. It’ll cost you about $2600 for this trip so make sure you’re comfy. A sleeper this week comes in the form of a Boomwaltdisneycomicsstories7002.gifwaltdisneycomicsstories700.gifStudios! Comic. Walt Disney Comics & Stories #700 will make its way to the shelf at your local comic shop near you. How did this comic reach #700 already? Anyway, with the recent acquisition of Marvel, Disney will be front and center again. This issue brings in a new Superhero team. When was the last time there was an Introduction in the Disney comic book world? This comic will disappear quickly so buy it before their gone. 

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See You Next Week, Invest Wisely.

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