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Who will die this week? The Siege #2 claims its first Marvel character. Ultimate Comics X #1 will be a Hot item this wednesday too. Check out more inside….. 

siege2variant.gifsiege2.gifHot Picks for 2-3-10
Marvel’s Siege continues this week with its first casualty. Siege #2 will probably bring the goods as this series starts rolling. Look for each issue to be as big as the next. Siege will live up to its hype
ultimatecomics1.gifwolverinesavage_oneshot.gifbecause it probably will be the last major event for quite some time for Marvel. So take this event in, it’ll be a good one. Ultimate Comics X #1 with Jeph Loeb and Art Adams will be a no brainer sell out this week. The Ultimate line is revamping itself and you should be on board for the new Ultimate line. It’s going to be a breeding ground down the line that Hollywood (Reboot *ahem* Spider-Man *ahem*) will constantly be looking at in the years to come.
Wolverine Savage – One Shot looks like a fun ride. It’s a comic that has Wolverine just going berserk and slicing his way through the comic. Now this is not a new concept by any means, but the solicit reads that he slices his way
buffy32.gifdevil1.gifthrough some foes you’d never expect. This is always fun not knowing who Wolverine will have fun with!

Buffy The Vampire Slayer #32 will feature new writer Brad Meltzer. This will be the second of the no brainer sell outs this week. Disney, well Boom Studios! Will be stepping up the Disney characters to a new number one issue. Two of them actually, and one of them coming in as the third no brainer sell out of the week. Disney Hero Squad: Ultraheroes #1 would disneyherosquadultraheroes1.gifwizardofmickey1.gifbe that book. The very cool homage cover to Action Comics #1 will be reason enough for this comic to disappear off the shelves, and Wizard of Mickey #1 ………yes sell out number 4 this week. Besides the big Buffy book coming out this week, Dark Horse has Devil #1. It’s a manga meets sci-fi meets vampire comic book. Yes many people will check this out. Another Indie company will be making a debut that will probably fly a little under the radar this week. Zenescope waking1.gifwill be debuting Waking #1. Writer Raven Gregory of Image Comics The Gift will deliver a new zombie book with a cover by David Finch. This comic might miss your pull list, but you should look into this comic to see if it’s worth a trip to the second issue. 


Milestone Forever #1…..An ending, a new beginning, and the DC Universe deals with major consequences regarding the whole Milestone family. Check out these Milestone characters first appearances in their own self titled books:






See you all next week, Invest Wisely.

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