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hp5510fp.gifDC comes with firepower this week, releasing 2 big number one issues. And Thanos has arrived! Plus the week that was….




Hot Picks 5-5-10 











Well it’s no secret how much of a fan InvestComics is to the character Thanos. This week Thanos will be starting his dominance of the Cosmo’s once again in The thethanosimperativeignition1.gifsupermanwarof_supermen1.gifbrightestday1.gifThanos Imperative Ignition #1. This comic will sell out quickly, so if you want a crispy first printing pick it up in the first couple of days after its release. Thanos will be a force in the Cosmo’s again, be there for his return.

DC has a couple of very soon to be hot books heading our way this week, Brightest Day #1 which is an absolute no-brainer to pick up, as is The War of Supermen #1. The artist on the WOS #1 book, Jamal Igle appears in a 10 For The Pros spot that just went up a couple of days ago. You can check it out by clicking here. Much like the Thanos comic this week, both of these DC books will see second printings very soon. An exceptional cover homage from our good friend shadowhawk1.gifshawdowhawk1_1992.gifyoungblood2.gifGeorges Jeanty comes out this week. Check out the Buffy the Vampire Slayer #35 that pays tribute to The Uncanny X-Men #138 done by legends John Byrne and Terry Austin. Awesome job Georges!

Shawdowhawk returns this week in a new self titled number one issue. Way back in 1992 Jim Valentino drew the first appearance of his creator owned character in Rob Liefeld’s Youngblood #2. You could find this comic at your local comic shop in the 25 cent boxes. They made a bazillion of these so it certainly will not be hard to find. Another number issue that has a character’s first appearance that could be bought for cheap (cover price on this one) first appeared in the Invincible Iron Man #10. Rescue is her name, and that Iron Man cover is a beauty, brought to you by Salvador Larroca. So when you’re checking out the Rescue #1 comic this week, go to the back issues and grab the Iron man #10 for cover price the_invincibleironman10_salvadorlarroca.gifrescue1.gifwolverine900.gifas well. With a comic like Rescue #1 coming out, why can’t Marvel make a deal already and get new Rom #1 out??

Marvel’s Wolverine #900 comes out this week with a host of creators jumping on board to take a crack at a Wolverine story. Guess Deadpool is getting too much airtime and Logan is getting a bit jealous. Collaboration comics usually don’t fair too well in the aftermarket unless it has a first work or something that attracts attention to it. Your call on this one, it’s sure to have some great stories in it though. Dan Parent recently stopped by 10 For The Pros. Now he has his anniversary veronica200.gifcomic coming out; Veronica #200.





Well it’s Free Comic Book Day! Awesome, free comics for everyone!! There are a few free comics you need to try and get before they disappear. The BEST free comic of all has to be G.I. Joe #155½. Larry Hama continues his Joe story from the original Marvel series from 15 years ago!! That’s a keeper! Also pick up the War of Supermen #0 and Images newest upcoming event Artifacts comes out with a #0 comic.











See you all next week, Invest Wisely.

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