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1aaaaaahp81110Check out what you might be missing this week, and 1 comic that has the collector looking for 4 different first appearances….










Daredevil is front and center these days in the Marvel Universe. Daredevil is one of those great characters that seems to always be on the fringe of greatness, but never seems to pass. Fans constantly get the best writers and artist on this book though. Daredevil goes on some great runs, then for some reason takes a back seat for a while to make room for the “Secret Invasion: or “Siege” events. It’s great to finally get an event happening within the pages of this awesome character. This week we get Shadowland: Blood on the Street #1, with a nice cover from Francesco Mattina. This comic will not break records with sales, nor will it even sell out. It’s a nice fill in issue to bleed more money out of any Daredevil fan or anyone that’s following the Shadowland storyline. With that said, this issue features 4 insignificant character within the Marvel Universe, but 4 character’s that span at least 38 years and very affordable first appearances. The most expensive of the 4 books comes with Marvel Team-Up #1 from 1972 at $225. This is the first appearance of Misty Knight. No, this comic is not $225 because of Misty Knight, but still a nice book to own regardless. Daredevil #150 (1978 -$16) would be our first look at Paladin. Super-Villain Team-Up # 5 (1975 – $12) is the first appearance of The Shroud, and Amazing Spider-Man #265 (1985 – $6) brings us the first Silver Sable. With all of the superhero movies coming out these days, one never knows where the next “big thing” may lie. Will it be one of these characters? Maybe, maybe not, but as a collector you always want to try to own any first appearance regardless of how silly or irrelevant they may seem.

1aaaaaINCRDHULK6111aaaaaIncredibleHulk369_1990_4DDale Keown has the Variant cover duties this week on the Incredible Hulk #611. If you had to pick a modern day creator to draw the Hulk, Dale would be the guy. He was born to do the Hulk. The mass, the raw emotion, and the anger he exudes into this character is unmatched at the moment. Certain creators are made for certain character, McFarlane Spidey, Miller Daredevil/Batman, Simonson Thor, Keown Hulk. Yes InvestComics™ needs Dale Keown for a 10 for the Pros™ spot, so if anyone would please page him for us that would be great, thanks. Anyway, although Dale’s first Hulk work came with issue #367, it wasn’t until Incredible Hulk #369 (1990 – $4) that he did his first Hulk cover. And it’s a beauty isn’t it?!

1aaaaad_d_19881aaaaaadand1IDW publishing will be going with an oldie but goodie this week, Dungeons & Dragons #1. If you want to hit the market for the very first D&D comic, look for DC’s Advanced Dungeons & Dragons #1 (1988 – $4). If the IDW number one issue restarts the popularity again for D&D, that $4 book won’t stay at that price very long.

A few sell outs will occur this week so be on the lookout for these comics. The first oblivious sell out will be Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #1. Anything Green lantern, is well….Green Lantern! Image comics will surprise many with their hit Morning Glories #1. With great art from Joe Eisma, and a good story to boot, mark this one down under the category of “oops I forget to pick that one up.” The last comic that will definitely fly under the radar will be The One #1 from GG Studio. This comic is primed to be an underground hit.






See you next week, Invest Wisely.

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