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1aaa1hp81810fpInvestComics goes to the far reaches of the Cosmo’s this week. Check out a few InvestComics Marvel Universe Cosmic picks….



A special InvestComics Picks this week gives a small rundown on the Marvel Cosmic Universe. Some of this article was originally written in the exclusive Comics & Cinema from InvestComics for Project Fanboy last year.











This week Thanos Infinity Gauntlet #1 comes out and one burning question remains within the mind of this writer. Where are the Marvel Cosmic movies?? Yes we got a glimpse of the Silver Surfer (and Galactis if you want to count the Purple fog as a Marvel character) in the Fantastic Four movie, but that’s it? Besides comic movies running the table in Hollywood these days, there is an entire section within the Marvel Universe that is still untapped. The Marvel Cosmo’s is as vast a universe as one could possibly imagine. The obvious choices for a Marvel Cosmo film would be the previously mentioned characters within this article, but here are a few that deserve to see some screen time in an ALL out Marvel Cosmic movie. So check these characters out with their first appearances. Buy these books collectors if you do not already own them. Marvel will eventually come around to the universe they are seemingly ignoring at the moment. So when the announcement comes that Marvel’s “other” Universe will get its due, remember where you heard it first, and remember who told you what you should pick up. The explosion will happen, and you will be prepared!

Thanos should be in serious consideration for a Marvel movie. Think about all of the Marvel movies that have come out, all “good” guys. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a villain wreaking havoc on some innocent people then have Warlock show up, or better yet a “Cosmic team” Guardians of the Galaxy? The storylines and characters are endless. Captain Marvel would be spectacular, wouldn’t he? Let’s get that Silver Surfer movie-going and introduce some of these characters, thus spinning some of them off into their own solo movies. It would open another arena for Hollywood and Marvel that would be a fanboys sci-fi dream. Think about this, Marvel has spent the last couple of years absolutely killing the comic book market with everything Cosmic from Annihilation to the War of Kings. Fans are eating this stuff up. It’s storytelling at its best here folks, that’s why it’s doing so well. Warlock, Drax, Guardians of The Galaxy, Quasar, Terrax, and Captain Marvel, and the list goes on. The epic Marvel ‘Space’ movie has yet been made and with the special effects as ridiculously good as they are these days, what is the hold-up?  The Cosmo’s await their turn on the silver screen and a Thanos flick would be a choice that would be a hands-down slam dunk.

So here is a very small list of some Marvel Cosmic characters that should be in your collection. What do you think? Do you have some heroes or villains that need to be on this list? Please share it with us…….



Warlock: First Apprearance – Fantastic Four #’s 66 & 67 (1967) $240.00 & $280.00

Thanos & Drax: First Appearance – Iron Man #55 (1973) $240

Guardians of the Galaxy: First Appearance – Marvel Super-Heroes #18 (1969) $60

Quasar: First Appearance – Incredible Hulk #234 (1979) $6

 Terrax: First Appearance – Fantastic Four #211 (1979) $8

Captain Marvel: First Appearance – Marvel Super-Heroes #12 (1967) $140

Rom: First Appearance – Rom #1 (1979) $3 

See you next week, Invest wisely.

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