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Marvel hits the vaults this week, bringing back team-ups, characters and even a controversial storyline from 1994. So lets go on a timewarp spanning the years from 1974 to 1994. Get in the time machine with InvestComics™ with just one click…

specialmarvel_edition151stshangchi.gifShang Chi Master of Kung Fu Black and White (One Shot)  Marvel goes back to the vault once again here, around 1974 to be precise. Our favorite Kung Fu Master first debuted in
Special Marvel Edition #15. This comic will hit you for about $80 in NM condition. This one shot (all in black and white) is going to be an obvious instant sell out. Marvel put their newest and favorite pimp ‘Deadpool’ (what no more Wolverine?) in this issue to entice readers and collectors that were not going to give this comic a look. Shang Chi probably did not need this help from his co-star, but it does make the comic more attractive. Marvel is testing waters here with the successful Iron Fist run, look for a Shang Chi solo comic to not be that far behind. So at an $80 price tag, for a first appearance, a Bronze Age comic, this is a very good buy.

amzsp144_1975.gifwebofspm117_1994.gifSpider-Man The Clone Saga # 1 (OF 6)  In what turned
out to be one of the biggest blunders in Spider-Man storytelling history, Marvel revisits it to try and make it all better. The debacle better known as The Clone Saga did have its moments at the beginning, but somehow lost the way after a 3 year run. The first Clone Saga took place in Amazing Spider-man #144 (1975), or a couple of issues before if you are counting the cameo or first reveal of the Gwen Stacy Clone. In any event, any of these issues will be in the $50 range. Then you have to disaster Clone Saga that started up in 1994 in Web of Spider-Man #117. This issue can be found at cover price or $5 at the most. Marvel will try to make things right this time around (just like they did with the Ed Norton Jr. Hulk movie, sorry bad example! Actually, it wasn’t that bad!).

newmutants5.gif newmutants181stwarlock.gif

New Mutants # 5  This issue brings back Warlock from the old New Mutants series from 1984. Again, Marvel going to the vaults! The first appearance of Warlock is in the original series of New Mutants # 18. This issue brought to you by Bill Sienkiewicz and Chris Claremont. Get this debut for only 3 bucks.




powerman48_1977_johnbyrne_chrisclaremont.gif Thunderbolts # 136  Besides this cover being total bad as*, look who is joining the Thunderbolts! Is that Power Man and Iron Fist?  Check out the first time these two heroes teamed up in Power Man #48 way back in 1977, drawn by John Byrne and written by Chris Claremont. Two issues later the Power Man and Iron Fist Title began. So is this team up comic ready to come together again? Well after this comic sells out and a second print hits the presses, it would be wise to get issue #48 for only around $15 now. 

teentitans75.gifHulk # 15  There are plenty of guest stars to help this comic come along this month.  Wolverine, Elektra, Punisher and oh yes…… Deadpool (sigh). All of this plus Red Hulk! Wait a sec, Red Hulk is still around?? Marvel promises a shock ending in this one, so stay tuned. (maybe Red Hulk will finally just…go away). Teen Titans # 75  New writer takes over , co-producer from the hit television show Fringe Felicia D. Henderson will make her debut right here. Let’s all take a look at what she has to offer up.
mickeymouseandfriends296.gifMickey Mouse and Friends # 296  Okay so how is this going to work? In case you have been living under a rock, Disney bought Marvel recently… right? Boom Studio’s releases the first ‘kids title’ Mickey Mouse comic under their banner. So when will Disney pull the plug on this? Or will they at all? It would make sense to keep all of their comic titles under one banner (Marvel) wouldn’t it? Maybe not, then again does it really matter where we get the Mouse from? As long as we’re getting him on print who cares! 



Where have I seen this cover before?? Saw this new Die Hard comic coming out; it immediately brought back the Daredevil cover from the Fall from Grace storyline, which was a very good one! So let’s do the old side by side comparison shall we? Knew that cover looked familiar!



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