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Every  week before new comic book day, here are the Top 5 NEW comics to speculate/read from this Wednesday. This list is pulled straight from the latest (weekly) InvestComics Hot Picks article.


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Hot Picks Top 5 based on InvestComics Hot Picks #395 and new comics coming this Wednesday 10/28/15

Deathstroke 11 InvestComics
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Rumble 8 InvestComics
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Rumble #8 – There will be a major introduction in this title this Wednesday. 

Justice League 3001 #5 – A new imposture Batman character appears. The current Batman isn’t all that happy about it. 

Deathstroke #11 – Deathstroke battles the Suicide Squad!

Chewbacca #2 – Who’s this new girl hanging with Chewbacca? Maybe a major player in Vader Down crossover series? Who knows? 

Henchgirl #1 – Here’s a possible sleeper. Good story and a low print run. From Scout Comics.


Here are the rest of the comics that appeared on this past week’s InvestComics Hot Picks #395 (Click the link to read now!)

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Superman 45 InvestComics
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Spider-Man 2099 2 InvestComics
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Justice League Darkseid War Batman #1

Superman #45

Art Ops #1

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #51

Black Magick #1

Angela Queen Of Hel #1

Kanan The Last Padawan #7

Howling Commandos Of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1

New Avengers #2

Spider-Man 2099 #2

Book Of Death 4 InvestComics
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What If Infinity Dark Reign 1 InvestComics
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What If Infinity Dark Reign #1

Self Storage #1

Coming Of Rage #1

Book Of Death #4


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Carpe Diem.

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