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Hot Picks based on new comics coming this Wednesday 11/4/15


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Before getting to some fantastic Hot Picks this week, we want to show a few videos you may have missed. They are all extremely short (no attention span needed!!), so you won’t get bored very easily.

Check out last weeks InvestComics Hot Picks #395 video. Then read the InvestComics Hot Picks #395!


…….And have to seen the New York Comic Con 2015 photo video’s from InvestComics?


……….And how about our new comic book review show that gives away signed and sketched comics!!

Now back to our regular scheduled program……the InvestComics Hot Picks!

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Another week, another big video game in comic book form. Check out Call of Duty Black Ops III #1. Another promising video game adaptation brought to the comic book genre.

Batman Arkham Knight #10 will bring Calendar Man front and center. Calendar Man first appeared in Detective Comics #259 (1958). A beat up 3.0 non-graded copy sold on Ebay for less than $75.

A new Vertigo title to check out; Unfollow #1.

Batman Arkham Knight 10 InvestComics
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Call of Duty 1 InvestComics
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Unfollow 1 InvestComics
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Kevin Eastman of TMNT fame will co-write a new series coming out from Dynamite Entertainment; Cage Hero #1.

Also from Dynamite, James Bond fans will have something to celebrate besides the movie coming to a theater near you. A new comic; James Bond #1. The last variant count we have is up to 10, so plenty of pointless variants to choose from. We’d love to say to get your paws on the Jock variant, but we’re very unimpressed with the cover. Eye candy is nil.

Shane Davis’ Axcend #2, now that’s an impressive variant. And a cool comic too!

If you’re a person that follows the political landscape and you love demons, then Citizen Jack #1 (Image) is for you. Check out this crazy off-beat comic from writer Sam Humphries and artist Tommy Patterson.

Axcend 2 InvestComics
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Citizen Jack 1 InvestComics
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Cage Hero 1 InvestComics
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James Bond 1 InvestComics
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There are a few reasons why to love Monstress #1 from Image Comics. First and foremost, it’s written by the talented Marjorie Liu. Second, it’s drawn by X-23 artist Sana Takeda. Third, it’s a new ongoing series, and fourth, it contains 66 (yes 66) pages of comic story with no interruptions. All for a $4.99 price point. There are currently none of these comics available on Ebay right now.

Paper Girls #2 will follow up Brian K Vaughan’s hit debut issue.

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A gorgeous variant cover from Gabriele Dell Otto this week; Amazing Spider-Man (Vol 4) #3. Onward to volume five starring Deadpool in Deadpool (Vol 5) #1. Another relaunch within the new Marvel Universe. It is Deadpool though, so expect early price gauging on some of the variants, then back to reality. Lots of variants to choose from here.

Amazing Spider-Man #3 InvestComics
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Deadpool 1 InvestComics
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Monstress 1 InvestComics
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Paper Girls 2 InvestComics
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Fans of the WWE will recognize the writer’s name in Drax #1. None other than CM Punk. He’s already done some work over at DC Comics (which we’ve covered), but this is the first time he’s doing creative work for Marvel Comics. The Ed McGuinness UFC cage variant would be a nice comic to get signed/graded if you’re a CM Punk fan. Thing is about the UFC gig, Punk announced he would be headed towards the UFC for some real deal fighting a long time ago (earlier this year?). Everyone is still waiting. That all said, a Drax solo comic should be a fun deal.

A new Hercules (Vol 4) #1 from Marvel arrives this Wednesday. The best of all volumes in the Marvel Universe came in 1982’s Hercules #1. The entire comic practically, creatively, was done by the awesome Bob Layton. It was a great four issue mini-series. In 2015, writer Dan Abnett and artist Luke Ross take a crack at it.

The biggest comic in all the land this week will be……brace yourself…..ready…..Howard The Duck (Vol 5) #1. I cannot believe I just typed that! And no we’re not drinking the Kool-Aid that some others may serve up. The mention of this comics has nothing to do pertaining to the character in this title. Simply because the latest craze in all the land; Gwenpool. And yes InvestComics gave speculators a heads up on her first appearance. (we’re awesome like that). Gwenpool will grace a variant cover and guess what? It’s sold out already! No surprise there. So the question here is not whether this will be a Scooby Doo #12 (which InvestComics did not talk about. Completed listings not sold on Ebay recently at $16.95/$14.95/$6.00) or a comic to buy and sell for a possible nice sum of money to buy a couple of weeks worth of your pull list. The answer is the latter. And here’s something for anyone really pushing the Howard The Duck character too. If you visit InvestComics on a regular basis, you will remember the Howard The Duck speculator clinic we put forth in March of this year. Remember, InvestComics is always in a business oriented mindset first and foremost when speaking about money for the speculator. We are looking out for your best interest. No fanboy stuff here, go elsewhere for that. So we are going to copy and paste the idea we put forth of why we think Howard The Duck will not come to fruition anytime soon on television or the movies.

..…..The Howard book will be a fun read though, so get it for at least that reason! Both are cool. So don’t get all hurt that I’m not that high on the Howard book. Speculation = opinion. Not that owning the Fear #19 (1976) book (first appearance of Howard the Duck) is a bad thing, but if you’re in the market to buy a good first appearance for $250 or $500 dollars, there are other books to seriously consider. Ask yourself this. Would Disney really want to jeopardize/replace the lure of Donald Duck with a wise cracking, cigar smoking duck? I highly doubt they want to throw Howard in our faces as the duck to really remember and constantly have questions from children to adults saying, “Is that Donald Duck?”. Um no. Disney would not want this. Why do you think there is no real talk about a cartoon or a movie pertaining to Howard? For this reason. Too close to Donald. Maybe someday Disney will bite the bullet and release a Howard cartoon or movie, but as for right now it’s not happening. Maybe a Howard the Duck comic book is a feeler to see what sort of attention it gets? Then maybe we’ll get some real news of something? This speculator doesn’t think we’ll see anything for some time. The Donald lure is way more important to Disney right now than destroying the very fabric of Disneyland or anything pertaining to Donald with people constantly mistaking Donald for Howard. Bycomparison, will we ever see a nasty mouse character created within the Marvel U that looks very similar to the Big Mouse with an attitude and possible cigar? The short answer is no. Howard will stay where he is right now and Disney is very content with that.

So there you have it. Lets recap shall we? Buy the Howard/Gwenpool variant this Wednesday, think about spending your $250-$500 elsewhere instead of his first appearance. Simple enough.

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Hercules 1 2015 InvestComics
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Hercules 1 1982 InvestComics
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Drax 1 InvestComics
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It’s just a matter of time before we see Nova appear in a movie or get his own thing going right? The Nova comics have always been entertaining, Nova (Vol 6) #1 will not disappoint.

A new Star Wars comic; Star Wars #11. An awesome Stuart Immonen cover here. We turned the comic horizontally so fans can really see it in its full glory. As always, any and all Star Wars comics; always a buy here at InvestComics.
A lot of creators from the comic industry contribute to Uncanny X-Men #600. Comic fans will want to thumb through this to see if their favorite creator contributed.
The new Vision (Vol 2) #1 looks very interesting. A definite pick up. A possible sleeper here. Take a look at that Ryan Sook variant as well, sweet.

Vision 1 InvestComics
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Nova vol 6 1 InvestComics
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X-Men 600 InvestComics
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Star Wars 11 InvestComics
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451 Media Group seem to have a new hot book almost every week now. ExMortis #1 is sold out. Would you believe us if we told you that there will be a Santa Claus Year One type comic coming this week? How about if we told you that Grant Morrison will write it? Okay so this is Boom Studios’ premise to their new Klaus #1 comic. All set to a viking theme of course. Sounds like a lot of fun!

Others to check out; Hangman #1 (Dark Circle). Exodus Life After #1 (Oni Press). And just in time for Halloween, a story (sold out) from Space Goat Productions; Forty Coffins #1. Johnny Red #1 (Titans Comics) Garth Ennis writes. Another possible sleeper this week to watch out for; Niobe She Is Life #1 from Stranger Comics.

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ExMortis 1 InvestComics
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Niobe She is life 1 InvestComics
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Exodus Life After 1 InvestComics
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Johnny Red 1 InvestComics
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Klaus 1 InvestComics
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Invest wisely. Read comics.

Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz


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