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icfrontpage11409.gif Geoff Johns has a knack of telling some very well written stories more often than not. The New Krypton storyline is one of those examples of Geoff hitting his stride……



Action Comics # 873 (wow 873 issues!) is the finale of the New Krypton storyline written by you know who. It’s not the ‘finale’ of a good storyline that brings this comic to the Hot Picks this week, it’s Geoff Johns changing things for Superman in ways that DC is calling it a ‘cosmically important status quo change’. Okay DC so you got our attention, now please deliver! In a comic book release week in which Marvel will once again steal some very serious spotlight from DC and the rest of the comic book land with the release of Barack Spidey, it would be nice to see this comic slide right under the radar and surprise everyone. And by the way, Newsday, The Chicago Tribune and CNN have already reported on Amazing Spider-Man # 583. Good luck getting your hands on that one.

 Action Comics #873



Amazing Spider-Man # 583 Every now and then a comic book comes along that just HAS to be in your collection. It falls into that category of MUST have because of the significance of it. Spider-Man 9/11 issue, Death of Captain America and now Spider-Man and the president elect Barack Obama. The issue has sold out virtually everywhere. If you can find it, buy it and hold on to it because this comic will be a collector’s item.




battlestarcylonwar1.gifBattlestar Galactica Cylon War #1 When the release of the television series came out for Battlestar Galactica, the franchise was reborn. The comic books soon followed and that too has had success. Now we are going down a path never visited for the BG franchise in the comic book world. Witness the birth of the Cylons.






X-Men Spider-Man #3

Red hot Series Continues this week.


 Death-Defying Devil #2

Daredevil, i mean Death-Defying Devil introduces Silver Surfer, i mean Silver Streak in this issue.


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