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Hot on the heels of the successful mini epic Secret Invasion comes Dark Reign. The reign will fall quite heavy on the Marvel Universe as well as demand……

Look for a very quick second print to follow in the coming weeks. Of all of the Dark Reign number one issues to coming out, there is one you should be looking for, the NYCC Variant from Midtown Comics. The cover is beautifully done by Adi Granov with the Iron Patriot holding the America flag. The message boards are hot with the question, who is the Iron Patriot? Marvel Comics once again has created the buzz as they always seem to do with their comics and Dark Reign looks like it’s going to be a fun ride! Click above to see a full cover of the very cool Dark Reign number one NYCC Midtown Comics Variant as well as this week’s other Hot Picks. 
 Dark Avengers # 1



Amazing Spider-Man # 583(2nd Print)

Last week saw this comic sell out quickly. This week will see this comic sell out quickly. Look for a third print VERY soon as Obama fever is still extremely hot right now. 

Spider-Man Noir # 2
The Second issue of this Hot series continues. 

Here Are some other comics to check out this week……. 

Faces Of Evil Deathstroke # 1

One of DC’s most Interesting characters gets his own book (again). Who cares, one of these days DC will make ‘movies’ once again and Deathstroke will be in the middle of the madness (hope hope). Until then, this comic will be a nice add on to your collectiion. 

 Mysterius: The Unfathomable # 1

Another interesting comic from DC this week…. 

Dark Delicacies # 1

Some of the biggest writers in the horror industry come together for this quarterly release. Awesome cover too!


 Maxim Magazine # 134

How did this make it into here?!? Wow look at that though, the REAL swimsuit issue comes out this week as only Maxim can do it! Nice cover…or lack of.  


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