InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 1-28-09

icfrontpage12809.gif When Mega French comic publisher Soleil teamed up with Marvel it seemed to have success written all over it…… 





Soleil (meaning ‘Sun’) is becoming the premiere European comic company and it shows no signs of slowing down. Thanks to the new merger, Soleil’s comics will now be available for the first time in the U.S. Especially with the backing of the biggest comic company in the world Marvel, it’s sure to prosper to heights of greatness. So with the first Marvel/Soleil release, Sky Doll, it came in with a very strong showing. Now enter Scourge of the Gods. This comic will follow suit with the good run that Sky Doll had or even better. Click the Hot Picks this week and you’ll get the full Marvel solicit for Scourge of the Gods. Nothing else is looking as fruitful as this comic this week, so come inside and check out some other cool things coming out this week as well as some great looking covers. 

scourgevariant1.gifScourge of the Gods #1scourgeofthegods1.gif



Writer :  Valrie Mangin – Paul Benjamin

Artist : Aleksa Gajic

Manufacturer / Publisher :  Marvel/Soleil

Description : “After a thousand years of peace, the Orbis – the Roman Galactic Empire that thought itself almighty – trembles down to its foundations. The Huns, savage warriors that came out of nowhere, are trying to conquer it. King Attila has already pillaged and burned dozens of planets without any legion being able to stop him or even slow him down. And unfortunately for Rome – Kerka, the Hun’s goddess of chaos herself – is back. But the Gods have a taste for tragedy: Kerka has been reincarnated in the body of Flavia Aetia, a young Roman girl. Is Flavia truly this macabre divinity? Is she the by-product of a terrifying plot? Or is she only the victim of a terrible destiny? A free adaptation of Hun king Attila and the Roman general Flavius Aetius’s confrontation, SCOURGE OF THE GODS replays the eternal struggle between order and chaos on the galactic level. Halfway between sci-fi and heroic fantasy, the huge epic fresco proclaims antique grandeur as well as the barbarism that lies in our future.” 

Here Is some great eye candy coming this week – Covers Of The Week 











Also coming this week……. 



Abonmination Bowen Statue retail $220.00 – Go to the Bowen Designs web page, this photo does this gorgeous statue no justice. 





Hulk VS – DVD – Who doesn’t like a good fight? Get double the action with the release of Hulk VS. The metal boned freak and The God of Thunder take on the Green guy with anger issues. Fun! 






Ralph Magazine – Okay what exactly is ‘Ralph magazine’? Who cares?? Meet the ‘NEW’ Jennifer Hawkins this week. The new?? Wow, out with the old i guess…… 






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