InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 10-22-08

superman_emblem.jpg Superman leads the way with a very short list this week. Clark Kent‘s Pa passed away (again) last week and things are just going to get tougher from here. A whole cluster of Kryptonians are coming to earth to give Supes a hard time. 100,000 according to DC’s last count and they all have the same powers as Superman. The new gang is not exactly very ‘earthlike’ so they don’t get the reasoning why Superman is so loyal and such a wuss, er…I mean a good guy.  Here are a few taglines associated with the new mini, ‘Things Will Never Be The Same’ as this miniseries will ‘Change Things Forever’. The ‘New Status Quo Begins Here’. Wow DCsure knows how to stir things up (yawn).


Superman Krypton #1  So here it is fans, the life changing moments for Superman, forever! DC needs to prove their case already on which direction they really want to go with their marquee player. Again with so many of their characters, too many changes or life altering or even death moments does not equate to sales. Fans are yearning for some consistency with the entire DC universe. Maybe this time they get it. It’s wishful thinking, but you have to be willing to give it a shot. Besides with 100,000 Kryptonians coming at Superman, expect lots of help from fellow heroes. Hopefully we get lots of cameos from DC’s archive and maybe even some introductions of some new heroes and villains. That’s about what you could expect from this series, otherwise it’ll just be another feeble attempt to cure a character that is in some serious need of a makeover. Come on Clark, get that red underwear off and join everyone else that seems to have passed you by.


Take a look at a decent rendition of Superman’s costume from an old Wizard Magazine article which was called ‘Ultimate DC’. This is a Superman that can be taken more seriously if tweaked out a little bit.

msmarv032_cov.jpgMS. Marvel #32 Here we have a look into the past of one of Marvel’s female heroes. Marvel gives fans a peak at MS. Marvels past in what is usually called an origin issue the last I checked. Although not calling it that can make for an okay pick up this week. Not looking at a huge ‘buy’ issue here, but in the market for a semi-origin issue? Here it is.


unknown_variant.jpgUnknown Soldier #1  A War comic comes back to the DC arsenal this week. Joe Kubert made the Unknown Soldier an awesome comic back in the day. This time around DC’s Vertigo line will have the pleasure of doing the justice of what a war comic should be about. Not that Joe didn’t do a great job, but I’m sure the ‘comic code authority’ held back much of a story that never would have been allowed. Just expect hard core violence and some realism that is involved with war, thus creating a buzz about this comic.

thor_statue.gifCheck out this beauty of a statue coming from Bowen this week. The God of Thunder gets the kudos from Bowen. Awesome detail, awesome color and an awesome posture all add up to only $350 retail. Buy this stunning statue after you buy Thor #126. Thor is coming fans. Sooner than later, an actor will be named, a director, etc. The movie is going to be absolutely huge. The Avengers movie will also include Thor, lots of Thor as the clock starts ticking on this character to completely hammer out some serious cash for the back issue market. Do not wait too much longer with these back issues. And while you’re at it, get this statue!

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