InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 10-15-08

savage_dragon_pic.jpg Last week the Barack Obama comic sold out rather quickly due to national media attention. The comic will mark a significant long term investment if he does in fact become the president of The United States (see more on this in last weeks Hot Picks 10-8-08). Sticking with a hot theme and a heated presidential race, Eric Larson will join the fray of the presidential campaign and choose his candidate. Well Mr. Larsen is actually not casting his vote, Savage Dragon is. Yes the Dragon Rocks The Vote this week! 


savagedragon137.jpgSavage Dragon # 137 3rd Printing  This week will have a guaranteed sell out sitting on the shelves at your local comic book shop in the morning and by evening time that comic will be scarce. The reason THIS comic might be a better long term investment as opposed to the Barack comic last week is simply because of the media. Less coverage, fewer printings equal less availability. The solo Barack comic last week in essence was a blatant money making comic by IDW publishing (which there is nothing wrong with!), thus leading to the obvious attention and oblivious heavy ordering. This week The Savage Dragon comic features Barack as part of a superhero storyline. Not as much focus on this issue by the media, so you probably won’t be seeing that guy in a suit and tie coming into your local comic shop asking “Hey you guys got that Barack comic with Savage Dragon?”


Other than the Dragon making the Hot Picks list, there are a few others just to keep an eye on this week. Savage Dragon 137 is definitely a good pick up this week. The remainders of the Hot Picks are comics that barely made the list this week, but somehow did. Buy them (as always) at your own discretion. 


Ghostbusters: The Other Side #1  This comic will be a HOT item for a little while. Everyone loves Ghostbusters and it’ll be a quick sell out, especially the Graham Cracker Variant. The time line for this comic as far as investment is a scant one.


Batman and The Outsiders #12  Another week, another DC fatality. DC is soliciting this comic as a ‘death issue’. I yearn for the days that DC will get away from the death scene and give a storyline that just flows in continuity with its universe. Here’s a newsflash DC, death DOES NOT equal sales anymore unless it’s a ‘significant’ character/villain or the storyline in general calls for it. Maybe this is why DC has fallen so behind Marvel in the continuity universe battle. Fans want ‘tightness’ (as Sean, owner from X-Treme Comics in Boca RatonFlorida says) in their Universe ………could not agree more.


Amazing Spider-Man #573  The award for most shameless ridiculous do my friend a favor because I like him promotion goes to………Joe Q! The variant features Stephen Colbert on the cover paying homage to Amazing Fantasy # 15. This is a little much giving Colbert the Steve Ditko treatment, but hey Marvel is allowed to get out of hand sometimes no? Just don’t make a bad habit of it. 



sprmnspljmmyolsn1.jpgUltimate Origins # 5 & Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen Special #1  Both of these comics are lead ins to storylines that promise to be big ones.Geoff Johns says of  the New Krypton storyline, “Change is what New Krypton is all about. One-hundred-thousand more Kryptonians. He’s no longer the last son of Krypton”, that might seem interesting. Then there is Loeb saying this about Ultimatum, “It is the end of the beginning.” Vague but interesting nontheles.Rumour has it that an Ultimate charater will bite the dust and Superman will beat the other 100,000 Kryptonians up and win.Bottom line here, unless Lois Lane dies or Ulimate Spider-Man become a courpse, read these comics and just enjoy them. 

See you next week.

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


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