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Marvel said less than a year ago that Deadpool was going to make his presence felt in the Marvel Universe. Well folks, here comes Deadpool…..


Thunderbolts #130  Deadpool crosses over to one of the hottest Marvel titles going right now.  He has his annual coming out this week too. He has his own title and is set to appear in other places before too long. InvestComics has said it before, even ran an entire article about this guy. Deadpool is going to be a force in the Marvel universe. This crossover into a hot title spells SOLD OUT.




Invincible #60  It took Image a very long time to figure out that keeping their characters out of each other’s tittles is a dumb idea. Crossing them over into their titles is a very good idea. With Invincible # 60,we get a double sized issue with just about every Image hero you could think of in here. InvestComics likes the idea of The Pitt getting a say in this one. Bring back PITT!!!




Frank Frazetta’s Freedom # 1  Here is Frank’s first Western comic ever. This has potential. Buy it. And look at that cover! 






Night of the living dead New York # 1  A couple of weeks ago we saw an old movie make a comeback in the comic book world. The Warriors showed some success. This week, Night of the living dead comes back to terrorize New York. Zombies in New York? Nah….





Azrael Death’s Dark Knight # 1 & Ultimate X-Men # 100 An end to one series at Marvel and a beginning of a mini at DC. Happy reading.



 Deathlok Bowen Statue. Retail $175. Beauty.



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