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Marvel Comics dominates the Hot Picks this week. Take a look inside to see what 2 characters are making their way back into the Marvel Universe….

and get their first appearances for a bargain. DC meanwhile is putting the JLA through some hard times.




War of Kings Darkhawk # 2  Looks like Marvel is going full throttle on Darkhawk. Billing him as the next big thing in the Cosmic Universe, so when you’re at your LCS this Wednesday pick up Darkhawk’s first appearance in the long box for a few dollars. If Darkhawk is going to be as big as Marvel says he will be, then get in on the ground floor here with Darkhawk #1. InvestComics recommended this comic a few weeks back and is recommending it again.



spectacularspiderman98.gifAmazing Spider-man #589  Well the title on the front cover kind of says it all. A villain named Spot is coming back to wreak havoc in Spidey’s life. Spot came back not so long ago in the Ultimate Spider-man series, now he comes into the flagship title. It seems Marvel is digging the Spot dude. Will readers and collectors like him as much? That remains to be seen. Until that all figures itself out, you could get Spot’s first appearance right in the pages of Spectacular Spider-Man #98. This too, just like Darkhawk #1 is a bargain right now. Get them now before either one of these second rate characters catch on.


Avengers the initiative Featuring Reptil #1  You gotta love when a first appearance by a character  happens in their own comic in a number one issue. It’s always a crapshoot though, a hot hero/villain sells out and you’re left scratching your head saying ‘how did I miss that one?’ then you have many busts, in which you’re not scratching your head saying ‘that dude is lame, I’m not buying that.’ Same was sort of said about Darkhawk # 1 when he came out. Your call on this one!



newavengers51.gifNew Avengers # 51  It’s kind of funny what marvel has done here. They have made Doctor Strange a total badass and then take his power away. What’s up with that? Guess it’s making for a cool storyline here. Who is the new Sorcerer Supreme? This has potential to be a very interesting read. So when Hollywood comes around eventually and grabs the Doctor as its newest pet project (yes it will happen, you heard it here first), maybe this would be a nice way to introduce and build around the first movie. Just a thought, but yes Strange will be a major movie someday.



Skaar Son of Hulk #9  if you are not buying this series yet, you should. Not only is it well written, but this Skaar dude is a bad dude. Bad as in ‘good’, Greg Pak is quietly creating an entire Skaar universe and Hulks son is not going anyplace away from the marvel universe for a long time. He will be in your face and you will have to like it. Would you tell him he’s not cool to his face? And that cover of Surfer is awesome ain’t it?



Nova #23  Another week, another status quo change. With new penciling duties by Andrea (Annihilation) Divito and new Identity changes, this issue is one to take a look at.




jla31.gifJustice League of America #31  Will the JLA survive the fallout from Final Crisis? From the looks of the cover, things are not looking so well for this team. Ed Benes supplies this very nice cover to a turning point in the JLA? Read and find out!




Batman Battle for the Cowl : Commissioner Gordon (One Shot)  In what seems to be one of the longest titles of the week, Gordon gets in on the Battle for the Cowl business. Well, he kind of should. He is the Commish of Gotham. Good luck with that gun!

The ‘Okay what is Marvel thinking on this one’ pick of the week…..

X-Force / Cable New Messiah Prologue  Doesn’t it seem like this Messiah thing has gone on forever and Doesn’t it seem like this Rob Liefeld cover is from 20 years ago? Wow Rob, guess some things never do change…..


Here are some great covers and Comics to take a look at this week……

 See you next week.

Invest Wisely.

 Jay Katz

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