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Captain America Returns (?), Barry is back (he really is) and the search in the back issue bins are aplenty this week!!! Much more inside!


captainamericacomics70anniversaryspecial1variant50.gifCaptain America Comics 70th Anniversary Special #1  Marvel begins celebrating their 70 years of existence with none other than Captain America. A tale never told before about Steve Rogers is told right here in this issue.

A very large glaring mistake on Marvel’s part and not many fans are talking about it, yet. In the Marvel solicitations it says, and I quote, ‘James (STARMAN, SUPERMAN) Robinson and Marcos (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) Martin bring you an untold story of the living legend. Did they say ‘Living Legend’ about a ‘dead guy?’ Good way to confirm that Steve will be back just in time for that July 22 2011 release date of The First Avenger movie. Actually it’ll be on July 20 2011 because that would be a Wednesday. We’ll see you then Steve!

asm590wolverinevariant.gifAmazing Spider-Man #590  Marvel is billing this comic as a comic that will effect just about every comic in the Marvel Universe. What is up with that? Just wait and see I guess. In the meantime, if this comic has any sort of potential, the super cool Paolo Rivera Wolverine variant is the way to go here.






The Flash Rebirth #1  DC is reinventing a character once again. This time Barry Allen is up. With names like Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver attached, with these covers that are absolute eye candy and the ‘number one’ on the cover as well, you have a hit. DC will make The Flash hot again as they have done so well with Green Lantern. The task is sustaining the interest to readers. Hopefully DC turns some corners here and wins some fans back.




marveltwoinoneannual2.gifMarvel Assistant Size Spectacular #1 (of 2)  Here we have a comic that is a fun guessing game of who will be the next big character push for Marvel? The list goes something like this: Elsa Bloodstone, American Eagle, D-Man, the daughter of Galactus, Mini Marvel cake-eating Hawkeye and Luke Cage. Marvel says that one of these characters might go A-List. American Eagle is my guess. Why you ask? Well way back in InvestComics Magazine #3 a couple of years ago, American Eagle’s first appearance was looked at as a potential to put on the Cap uniform after the ‘living legend’ got shot. So it’s a long shot again, but maybe this time American Eagle gets his due now. An American Eagle first appearance in Marvel Two-In-One Annual # 2 can be bought for $5 in some places.



Seaguy Slaves of Mickey Eye #1 (of 3)  Grant Morrison does a complete retake on Seaguy. Why? Why? Just in case Grant fires it up here with this DC Vertigo title, Seaguy’s first appearance from 2004 is probably sitting in some dollar bin at your local comic shop. Buy it and see how this series goes, if it’s hot, then you have leverage. If it’s a bust then you have liner for the bottom of your birdcage. It’s a win win either way.




detectivecomics400197050fine.gifBatman Battle For The Cowl Man Bat (One Shot)  That is some name huh? Man Bat. Did DC really just switch the whole Bat Man name and think it was cool? Regardless of this ridiculous name, this one shot might get hot and create some buzz. If you want to do a very high risk buy, you could look to Man Bat’s first appearance in Detective Comics # 400. 39 years ago this Man Bat fellow was introduced to the comic world (39 years ago makes it 1970, so put the calculator away). At a very fine condition, you could buy this comic at the $55/$65 range. While not bad for an almost 40 year old book, this has very limited potential. Man Bat is not an A-listed character, nor will he probably ever be. This is an older comic to buy and sit on for 20 more years to make a $40 return, your call on this one. Not a huge margin of profit but a nice memento for the meantime.


marvelgraphicnovel4.gifNew Mutants Saga (Free)  A free comic making the Hot Picks? Well not really. You see back in 1982 a very successful team was created for the Marvel Graphic Novel series. Issue number 4 brought the New Mutants to life with great fanfare and critical acclaim. If you could somehow find and I mean really search and find a first printing of this Marvel graphic Novel, get it. This is an extremely hard book to find, but it’s well worth it if you’re looking for a keeper. Marvel is releasing the free comic to re-introduce the original team, yes the original team back into the Marvel Universe. The series will be hot and the Novel will be sought after even more. Again, warning you now, that first printing is going to be very hard to find. Good luck.


Irredeemable #1  Mark Waid and Peter Krause deliver a number one issue from Boom! Studio’s with the concept of ‘What if the world’s most powerful hero wanted to become a villain?’ Okay you had me at Waid and Krause.





Invest wisely. Read comics.

Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz

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