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A short week with Marvel promising to hammer the internet in half! A huge Marvel comic is coming your way this week and it is NOT to be missed.


Amazing Spider-Man #591  Well ‘THIS IS THE ONE’ folks. Marvel is promoting this comic as the change all comic of the year. What do they have in store? Amazing Spider-Man has been a good read and fans are waiting with bated breath for this one!  Marvel has stood and delivered on many occasions when they say that an event is going to be big. This here though is ONE comic; it’s not an event which brings more interest to the book. This comic will affect many of the Marvel titles and I for one am looking forward to this very much. Marvel will deliver, you’ll see. 



Secret Invasion Aftermath Beta Ray Bill The Green of Eden #1  The Marvel universe continues to feel the Secret Invasion aftermath. This week we focus on one of the hottest characters to come out of the 80’s, Beta Ray Bill. His first appearance could still be purchased at a very reasonable price. Thor #337 was the first look at Beta and the start of the classic run from Walt Simonson. So pick this up before that Thor movie comes out anyway….. 



action845.gifAction Comics #876  A couple of years ago DC went with a writer by the name of Richard Donner. Mr. Donner was the director of the original Superman movie back in 1978. DC and Donner ran into some delays right in the middle of his very short storyline. A few fill in issues filled the gaps as DC scrambled to get back to the much anticipated Donner story, including a 3D issue. Anyway, during his mini run, he introduced us to Ursa. Ursa makes her comeback this week. Action Comics # 845 is the first appearance of Ursa. 



Captain America #49  Not since issue number 25 have fans gotten a glimpse of what happened that day we lost Captain America. Now start getting some insight into what exactly happened as Sharon Carter starts spilling the beans. Captain America (Steve) will probably be back in a couple of years just in time for the movie, so don’t hold your breath though waiting for a miraculous comeback because it’s not happening anytime soon. 





100bullets100.gifWolverine Noir #1  Marvel continues the very successful Noir run with Wolverine. Do you need anything else??



100 Bullets #100  The highly regarded Vertigo series comes to a close. (ring ring) ‘Hello Hollywood?’



Here are some other interesting Comics to look at this Wednesday…… 














See you all next week.

 Invest Wisely.

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