InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 5-6-09


marvelgraphicnovel4.gifnm1.gifNew Mutants #1  A couple of weeks ago, InvestComics asked you to seek out The Marvel Graphic Novel from 1983 with the first appearance of the New Mutants. IC reiterates, good luck trying to find a mint copy of this novel. It’s a very hard find, but if you find a first print in good shape you should pick it up. The New Mutants (with the original lineup) new ongoing is going to be a nice hit. It had a stellar run back in the day and it’s going to have another good run today. Do not miss this one fans.



Power Girl #1  The Power  Girl finally gets her own book! So after years of demand from fanboys, our hero with great ‘assets’ will be, without a doubt, flying into stores and off of the shelves. The number one issue is brought to you by Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti. Good stuff here folks.






screenhunter_15_may._02_22.45.gifHere are a few very Hot Series all vying for your attention and cash. The Flash Rebirth #2 has hit the ground running and will not slow down now. Irredeemable #2 from BOOM! Studios is a sleeper. The team of Mark Waid & Peter Krause are bringing some heat. Agent of Atlas is still hot right now and issue number 4 is coming at you this week. The Daredevil Noir series is making some noise, just like the other Marvel Noir books. Issue number 2 comes this Wednesday.





 Here are some other comics to look for and to also admire






























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