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Dark Reign is dominating the charts. DC brings some heat too. Check it all out in this weeks Hot Picks.
527cameokatekane.gif5211full.gifDetective Comics #854  Kate Kane makes her dramatic comeback this week. Really digging that Bat costume! Batwoman gets hot, look for the first modern appearances in the 52 series. Issue number 7 gives the fans the tease and issue number 11 brings all goods. Batwoman will be making some noise DC says, so will these back issues if that happens.

darkwolverine75.gifwolverineorigins10variant80dollars.gifDark Wolverine #75  Well here it is fans. Daken will be stepping it up beginning here. The Hulk seems to have his problems with Skaar and Wolverine will endure the same plight it seems. So with that, getting a hold of the first appearance of Daken is not that hard. It’s getting that very cool variant for under $70! The most fun we all get to have about all of this? Which son will stand the test of time and be a force in the Marvel universe in 25 years? Pick up both Daken and Skaar’s first appearance. Cover your assets and see you in 25. 


ca4491stzodiac.gif Dark Reign Zodiac #1  Being on the cusp of a Zodiac sign myself, I’m not too undecided about this comic this week. Very
simple actually, Zodiac is your run of the mill second rater, but he has his own number issue coming out to many fans approval. Find this dudes first appearance in Captain America # 449 from not that long ago and is probably sitting in some dollar bin someplace. Easy find, big risk and big fun.

darkavengersuncannyxmenutopia1marcsilvestri.gifDark Avengers Uncanny X-Men Utopia #1  Okay Dark Avengers is ripping through just about every Marvel title for weeks now. It’s a big series and deservingly so. It’s well written and the fans are eating it up. So what to do next? Well just put the hottest Marvel comic on the planet, Dark Avengers, slap the name Uncanny X-Men in the title and what do you get? Yes the longest comic title of the week, besides that. You get a hit, a huge one.  One more thing, add Marc Silvestri to draw it up for you. Get variants, slab them, and sell them. Then look to the bronze age like you should always be doing with these quickies.


darkavengers1.gifDark Reign The Sinister Spider-Man #1  Dark Reign is kicking series butt this week. This week Marvel gets you on board with Mac Gargan as Sinster Spider-Man.  If Mac decides to become ‘big’ (sorry had to!!) look no further than Dark Avengers #1. This Dark Reign variant cover from Deodato is a beauty too. Follow the same directions as the Dark Avengers/X-Men issue this week. By doing so you should have enough money now to buy the first appearance on Deathlok. Yes Deathok, a
much prettier buy than the 2 Dark books recommended to slab.


Wonder Woman #33  DC says if there is ONE comic
you should buy or not miss this year, it would be this one. Okay so now you got
us, make something of it.





Gotham Sirens #1  Is Batman still dead? Boy DC
is really milking this one huh? Weel at least they are making it somewhat interesting with releases like this one. Enjoy the “Babes of Gotham” in an all new ongoing. Funny how they all fit so darn well in those outfits isn’t it? Check out that variant, nice stuff here.


Here are some other cool comics to look at this Wednesday…… 























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