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Hot Picks has a short list this week, but a list that could land you some extra cash for those comics on the wall you can’t afford. Look inside for details…


peterparkerspec64.gifUncanny X-Men #513  Chapter number 2 of the hot
UTOPIA story. Look for an appearance of Cloak and Dagger in this one. Marvel for years has been saying it wants to get a good story going for C&D. After stints in The Civil War and Secret Invasion, Dark X-Men is their next stop. Look for Marvel to be planting the seeds here for a possible Cloak and Dagger mini or an ongoing. In the meantime, pick up their first appearance in Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #64.

capreborn1.gifCaptain America Reborn #1  Well much to the dismay and delight of some fans, Steve Rogers is coming back. Will this comic be worth the attention it deserves? Of course it will. Will this Reborn series be worth anything as far as an investment value goes? Of course not. Here is what you need to do if you want to get that Thor #126 (becomes Thor, after ‘Journey into Mystery’ is dropped off of title. Thor number one!). Buy the variants of these covers, make sure you get some real good copies. Seal them up in a bulletproof box and send them off to CGC. If they come back with a 9.8 or higher, you’re in the money. Sell them quickly. Do not; do not become attached to these comics. With each issue that comes out, sell it as soon as you get it back from CGC. The demand will be at its peak for a short time, so you need to do move quickly. Make your money and go buy that gorgeous Jack Kirby cover Thor #126. 

irridem4.gifIrredeemable #4  While a lot of fans are looking at the big 2 doing their thing. BOOM Studios is flying under the radar with a comic that seems to be gaining some steam. Irredeemable number 1 was recommended on Hot Picks a little time ago, number 4 hits this week with more hits than the previous 3 issues. Take a look at what Mark Waid and Peter Krause have been putting together.


batmanandrobin2.gifBatman & Robin #2  Follow the same directions as Captain America Reborn with the first few issues of this series. This series is hotter than hot right now. Anyone remember All Star Batman? Yea thought so. So why not pick up Iron Man #55 (First appearance of Thanos) with this cash?



 Here are some other Comics to Look for this Wednesday….  marveldivas1.gifscreenhunter_18_jun._22_21.29.gif

























See you all next week. 

Invest Wisely 

Jay Katz



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