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Skaar is coming!! Therapy is in order for the emotionally scarred son of Hulk, but until he gets that let’s all watch him beat up the entire Marvel Universe and his daddy!

skaarsonofhulk.gifSkaar: Son of Hulk #11  Is there a bigger character coming up the
ranks in the Marvel Universe? Absolutely 100 percent…..No. Don’t try the Daken
card here. Skaar is a complex character that will in fact sustain the test of
time. Daken, let’s just say X-23. Nuff said. Skaar’s birth basically created an
extension of the Marvel Universe. Yes, Greg Pak has quietly put together an
entire extension of the MU that will probably be touched on for years to come.
It seems like every week InvestComics is saying to get the first appearance of
this bastard child. Cannot stress this enough Investors, get Skaar’s first
appearance! When Skaar begins his beat down of just about everybody in the MU, look for the word to get out that this dude is for real. The second and third
prints will start, the buzz will start and you must start looking for that WWH
issue now!


Batman & Robin # 1 
While Marvel puts to rest their Ultimate line (for now), DC is starting
up theirs. Yes DC has tried their version of the Ultimate line already, the
All-Star line. That worked a little bit, and then just faded away. So what to
do next you ask? Well revamp and give comic fans a solicit that reads ‘The
Newest Era of The Dark Knight Begins Here!’ Wow and wow again. So let’s roll
with this okay. Put together Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely of the ‘All-Star
Superman’ and ‘New X-Men’ runs. Then throw out a beauty of a variant by J.G.
Jones that is going to be SO rare in terms of ratio that some parts of ebay and
comic shops have this thing coming in at $500 a pop! What is that about?? It’s
an all new Batman & Robin under the costumes, a superstar team of Morrison
and Quitely and a variant that is selling for a ridiculous amount of money.
What could possibly go wrong here? DC that’s what….



Here are some other comics to look at this Wednesday….. cotw63097.gif cotw63091.gif



























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