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Flash gets the top billing this week and speeds back to the year 1967?? Click ahead to see why you should be time traveling to the year that brought us the birth of Pamela Anderson, Super Bowl 1, Sgt Pepper’ Lonely Heart and the greatest comic book race of all time…

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Flash Rebirth #3  Way back in 1967 the greatest comic book race took place. Legend Curt Swan did the penciling while Legend Carmine Infantino gave us that classic cover to Superman #199. This week,
superstars Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver bring the timeless classic to the modern era. The race back in 67 was a fun comic and the way Geoff and Ethan are bringing it these days, this too will be fun. The Rebirth series is obliviously a Red Hot one and this particular comic will spark the interest of the original
race. Superman #199 clocks in at about $500. An awesome investment for a
classic comic.


War of Kings: Savage World of Skaar  Another week, another Skaar mention. Yes InvestComics is drinking the Skaar Kool-Aid again. What more is there to be
said about Skaar that hasn’t been already been said?   Until Skaar meets up with his daddy and settles some emo issues he’s dealing with, IC will keep the buy sign up on World War Hulk #5. Although something tells us that Skaar will have issues for a long time. Good because there is nothing better than a 12 foot child with emotional problems and a big sword!



Batman #587
Well it looks like there is a new Batman in town and his name is Dick,
Dick Greyson that is. After all of the ridiculous fanfare DC ‘tried’ putting
up, the death of Batman, the battle for the Cowl, it came down to the exact
ending (for now -Bruce will be the other ending) that every fan expected. Dick has become the new Batman, so when is that Bruce coming back? Unlike Marvel, DC will bring back Bruce sooner than Steve. Is Steve coming back in Issue #600? Probably not, but that’s another story for another week. So here is the latest rundown on this debacle that DC has created for one of their flagship characters. Dick is Batman, Damian is Robin, Tim is Red Robin and oh yes, almost almost forgot ….Jason Todd fell to his death. Um, yea and Batman died too right? DC……..A Death In The Family (Robin) yes, Infinite Crisis (Supergirl) yes, these worked! ‘Death’ is NOT, NOT a selling point anymore! Is it possible to make a death in a comic book of a major character (Batman) completely irrelevant? Yes apparently it could be done, thanks DC. Someone needs to stop watching the Novelas (definition in a moment for you non-Spanish speaking fans) and get back on track here. Only real saving grace on this issue will be Judd Winick jumping on board. Now Judd, make everything better and stay away from those goofy Spanish
soap operas.

betaraybigod1.gif thor_337.jpgBeta Ray Bill: Godhunter #1  Not sure if anyone has noticed this, but has Beta Ray been around a lot these days? Or maybe it seems that way, doesn’t it? Well with the rumblings of Thor getting a cast for the movie together, it
really wouldn’t be a surprise to hear of Beta being a part of it. Maybe this is why he’s getting so much pencil time? Well a few weeks ago, IC recommended getting the first appearance of Ray in Thor #337. With another comic book coming out bearing his name on it, it probably would be wise to get the Walt Simonson classic run at deep discounted prices right now. Issue #337 comes in at only $10. Great Buy here fans.

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