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Blackest Night will dominate this week. Take a look inside this weeks Hot Picks to see what else is on tap this Wednesday. 

creepycomics1.gifCreepy Comics #1 
Dark Horse Comics is bringing the horror Creepy comics back.
IndieCreator Bob Heske  gave InvestComics a heads up on this one a month ago. Bob Heske knows horror, so IC will follow his lead and lead some more. Dark Horse looks like they have a home run here. With Eric Powell providing covers and the creepy team of Neil Kieid, Joe Harris, Mike Woods, Jason Shawn Alexander and with the legend horror ICON himself Bernie Wrightson on board this is going to be fun. THE Bernie Wrightson!!









blackestnightvariant1.gifblackestnight1.gifBlackest Night #1 
It’s finally here, one of the most anticipated Green Lantern stories ever is going to hit stands on Wednesday.  Is it possible for Geoff Johns to bring Green Lantern to another level? Well fans with the looks of this Lantern event, absolutely yes. Want to bring a little profit to another level? Buy the variant editions of this super hot series and hold. Let the third and fourth prints come out then look to sell at a premium.




lastresort1jimmypalmiottijustingrayamandaconnerdarwyncooke.gifLast Resort #1 
Here is a cool zombie epic headed our way this week. IDW publishing
brings the fun back into horror/zombie. The solicit states that it pays homage
to the 1970’s exploitation films and disaster movies. Lots of sex and gore in
this one fans. Not for the faint of heart we’re guessing. Perfect! Last Resort
will be brought to you by the team of Jimmy Palmiotti Justin Gray Amanda Conner and Darwyn Cooke. That’s an impressive team and they will indeed deliver on the IDW solicit. This we promise.



Do Androids Dream of ElectricSheep? #1  Are you a Blade Runner fan? You know that Harrison Ford movie that came out in 1982 and directed by Ridley Scott. Yes
that movie. Anyway, the idea and concept came from an original book called ‘Do
Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’ BOOM! Studios brings this book to life as it
was inspired from the Blade Runner film. This will be a 24 part series and
could be a good read. Look for this comic to gain some possible momentum as the
word gets out that this is a very cool sci-fi comic that needs to be on your
pull list.



Amazing Spider-Man # 599  Conclusion to the American Son storyline.




Mighty Avengers #27 
Villian The Unspoken is coming  and
it’s not going to be pretty.


Here are some other Comics to check out on Wednesday


























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