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Witness the birth of the first Black Lantern. Witness a new artist for a Hot title. Witness Archie go through changes! Witness Hot Picks this week with one click…

batman688.gifbatspiderbagleyfirstbatman.gifBatman #688  The new Robin gets his first training session in this issue. Is this the reason this comic made the Hot Picks list? No. The villains in Gotham made a new discovery about the ‘new’ Batman. Is this the reason this comic made the Hot
Picks list? No. Artist extraordinaire  Mark Bagley  takes over the Bat title for a 4 issue run. Is this the …..maybe. So with that ‘maybe’, look for a 1995 special one-shot from a Marvel/DC crossover called Spider-Man and Batman (cleaver title huh?).  The title of the comic on the inside says ‘Disordered Minds.’ Would your mind be disordered for picking up a $5.95 comic? Fun read from J.M. Dematteis and oh yea pencils by Mark Bagley. This is his first Batman work. Buy Bats 688, pair it up with the 1995 comic and
enjoy a cool selling combo.

greenlantern43.gifGreen Lantern #43 
Geoff Johns has brought Green Lantern to new heights. This week Lantern
fans are Introduced to the birth of the first Black Lantern! What more do you
need? This will be a hot book in the weeks and months to follow. Buy a few
copies of this comic. Sell a couple quickly as the series reaches fever pitch.
Hold on to a couple for a long time. Maybe sell when the sequel to the Lantern
movie comes out!
 Yes this would make for a great follow up to the first (origin) movie.



screenhunter_01_jun._29_07.01.gifArchie Double Digest #200  While Marvel and DC make boat loads of your hard earned money with each event and crisis everyone else sort of sits back and ponders ‘Why can’t we do that?’ Well one of those OTHER companies will sit back no more. Archie Comics is making their move. They are beginning a crisis or event of their own. Archie Comics is stepping up the game and putting the Riverdale gang through the biggest challenge ever. Archie is leaving Riverdale and the first part of this event takes place right here. Norm Breyfogle will bring the look of Archie to another level for the emotional event. The crisis begins here and Riverdale will never be the same!

msmarvel41.gifMs. Marvel #42 
Prelude to this summer’s War of The Marvels could be found here. Joy
joy, another Marvel event.




Here are some other Comics to look out for this Wednesday….. 


























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