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600 is the magic number this week. Marvel has big reveals, returns, Stan Lee and a wedding! Come, your reservation awaits you. 

incrediblehulk600.gifAmazing Spider-Man & Incredible Hulk #600  A
couple of Marvel 600 issues come at us this Wednesday with a lot to offer as far as storytelling goes. The market value for big anniversary books usually tend to keep a low profile on the investment side. That said, with the demand for Variant covers running amuck, the investor should always look toward the Variant on any anniversary or annual comic as far as a resell goes. Here is a little bit of a break down between the two of these 600 issues. First let’s look at Spidey. Big guns on this 600th issue, Stan Lee, John Romita Sr, John
Romita JR, Joe Kelly, Mark Waid and the list go on. Long time fan favorite Doc Ock returns, a wedding is taking place (who?) and a Daredevil appearance. The
best part of Spidey’s 600th is that we get 104 pages of NEW Spidey story. No reprints to for page filler and to get more money out of us. Now the Hulk’s 600th issue, speaking of page filler this one has some Loeb Gray reprint stuck in it. The list of creators on this issue is not as extensive as Spidey’s but just the regular crew doing their thing. Jeph Loeb & Ed Mcguinness head up the milestone here. A Spider-Man appearance in this one with the BIG REVEAL attached to it makes for some reading fun. Who is Red Hulk?? Does anyone still care? Here’s the deal fans, like mentioned above. These comics will not sustain
a long term investment here. You have to buy those pricey Variants and CGC them. Get a good grade and sell them at a very large premium. Do this quickly though. The interest in these issues will be short lived. So don’t forget to buy those reading copies, these comics are going to be a fun read.


invincible64.gifDellec #1  Here is an interesting comic coming from the Aspen comic world. Don’t pass this one, looks like another sleeper.




Invincible #64  It’s the finale of a serious beat
down and a death will occur. Conquest:Conclusion, right here.


Here are some other Comics to check out this Wednesday





















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