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The Marvels Project will be a Hot item this week. Do not miss this comic! This comic plus more Hot Picks just a click away…


jmichaelstraczynskisfirstcomicworkteentitansspotlight13_5dolls.gif The Red Circle: The Hangman #1 (One Shot) 
The DC solicit reads something like this ‘J. Michael Straczynski dives into the DC Universe at last.’ Well if DC was paying attention they would have realized that this is not the first time he has jumped into the pool. Although DC makes it seem like he hasn’t been here before, the fact is he has. 1987 was
the year J.M. made his debut with the DC Universe, not 2009. A book by the title of Teen Titans Spotlight #13 is not only his first DC work but his first comic book work. Grab this little nugget for only $5. Great buy and hold here.


warmachine8.gifgiantsizedcreaturesfeaturibgwerewolf1_1stapptigra_30dolls.gifmarvelteamup951stmockingbird_3dolls.gifWar Machine #8  Guest staring a few Marvel characters in this one. We’ll focus on only 2 of them. Get Giant Sized Creatures Featuring Werewolf #1 for the first Tigra coming in at only $30. Not a bad price for a comic that is 35 years old. Marvel Team Up #95 is the first Mockingbird which comes in at only $3. 




The Marvels Project #1  Witness the origin of
the Marvel Universe brought to you by the creators who killed Captain America
(he’s back now) Steve Epting and Ed Brubaker. Do yourself a favor here and grab a variant or variants because they will be going for a premium for a while. Get them graded to make an absolute killing in return funds. A 9.8 or higher here will command some nice cash.


Batman & Robin #3  Red hot series continues
and shows no signs of slowing down.




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