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Variant Covers rule the land this week. Check out which ones you should be looking for.



Adventure Comics #1  The return of Conner Kent in his own monthly has DC fans very happy. There is a comic you should be picking up at your local shop while buying the variant cover to Adventure Comics numero uno. Adventures of Superman #500 Platinum Edition. The Reign of Superman storyline was spun off from this comic and also gives us the first look at Conner. The Platinum Edition comic is your best way to go as far as Investing goes. The regular edition 500 issues had a mass production and are not going to
increase in value when Adventure Comics #1 takes off (no pun intended). So
having the Variant Platinum Adventures of Superman issue from 1993 for only $25 (Bargain here fans!) along with an extremely Hot Variant coming out this week, what you end up with is a couple of comics you could sell in a market that will demand these comics at a premium. If you want to maximize your premium for these comics in the aftermarket, CGC them and try to get a grade at a 9.8 or
higher. Hold on to them for at least 6 months to let the Conner Kent market
boil to a ridiculous demand, then sell.
ultimatecomicsavengers1foilogramvariant.gifUltimate Comics Avengers #1 & Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1  A very simple equation here. Get the Variants
to both of the new Ultimate Comics #1 issues. Here’s a key point before I move on. Make sure the Variants you get are in immaculate shape, you will need this if you hold on to these comics too long. If you hold these comics too long, you
will in fact miss the best opportunity to sell at a premium. Once you get your 9.9 grade (hopefully) back…..sell them. Another restart to a highly successful first run means that there will be another restart in about 4 years. The Ultimate
Comics line will be Hot for a little while because of the hype machine known as Marvel and Joe Q. While it’s not a bad thing to hype (they have to make money!) you have to realize, be ahead of the market and sell quickly with these two

actioncomics880.gifAction Comics #880  Reactron makes an appearance
here. Did you know that The Darling Adventures of Supergirl #9 from 1983 holds
the first appearance of Reactron? No you didn’t? Well here’s a better one, did
you know it’s only a 5 dollar book? Yes this is doable!


Blackest Night #2  The Hottest storyline on the
planet continues this week……







Last week InvestComics was a little quick on the trigger with The Marvels Project #1 pick. Companies tend to reschedule books a lot these days so the write up went out and no harm was done (none that I know of). So featured again (below) is the Hot Pick to The Marvels Project #1 coming out ‘this week.’ 

marvelproject1var1.gifmarvelprovar2.gifThe Marvels Project #1 
Witness the origin of the Marvel Universe brought to you by the creators who killed Captain America (he’s back now) Steve Epting and Ed Brubaker. Do yourself a favor here and grab the a variant or variants because they will be going for a premium for a while. Get them graded to make an absolute killing in return funds. A 9.8 or higher here will command some nice cash.


Here are some other Cool Comics to check out this coming Wednesday…



















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