InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 9-4-08

A 1st appearance from 1977 makes it to the Hot Picks!





Marvel Spotlight # 33 Marvel is reaching back into the vault once again to bring the fans a new perspective on an old character. Dead of Night featuring Devil Slayer # 1 will be written by horror novelist Brian Keen of The Rising and Dark Hollow films. Get the first appearance of this devil from a 1977 comic Marvel Spotlight # 33. At a mere $17 this comic is a steal. If Dead of Night sells out, which it probably will, Marvel Spotlight # 33 will be the comic to have along with your Dead of….issue.

New X men # 37 Magik is returning to Marvel this week with the release of X Men The return of Magik # 1. The comic will bring Magik back into the X Men chaos as well as give a deeper look into the origins and makings of the character Magik. Make sure to go back into the back issue bin and pick up New X-Men # 37. This origin issue serves up as being a catalyst to the Return of issue. Also look to the Magik mini series from 1985. These issues served up as semi-origin issues. Both issues are coming in at an affordable $5. Now go make some magic and make these issues disappear in the back issue bins.

Others to watch for………

Vampirella Quarterly Summer 2008  Anarchy Studios/Harris Comic will release an early Halloween treat with this extreme variant for only $19. Extreme, like in only 500 copies made. Franchesco provides the variant; we provide the info, you provide the CGC insurance, you provide it for Ebay $$$$$,……now go buy it!




Sub-Mariner The Depths # 1 Another year, another Namor number one issue. This character can not hold a solo series. History has proven this time after time. The mini’s fare no better. He’s one of those heroes that need to be a role player, not the leader. Marvel promises the story of the ages for our water boy hero. Yada yada yada….. Maybe this will be the time? No. Will this be one of those quick hits? Yes. Buy, read, enjoy, sell.




Marvel Apes # 1 Marvel is going full tilt on this monkey deal. Pulling out all of the variants for random titles and not apologizing for it. It looks quite silly and forced. Maybe this will hit, maybe not, either way this monkey business will not stand on its own for long. King Kong, Planet of The Apes and Curious George among some others are the only monkeys to sustain the test of time. Sorry Marvel, you do indeed look like you’ll be slipping on a banana on this one.

See you next week.

Invest wisely.

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