How to make Death in Comics relevant again….

Okay so DC’s New 52 is a bold new direction and a retelling of everything DC. Yes Superman’s first appearance is not in Action Comics #1 from 1938 according to the new universe. The same goes for Batman, Green Lantern, Flash, Wonder Woman, well you get the idea. This unto itself is pure ridiculousness, but from the news this morning we get much of the same from the NEW DC universe as we did from the old. Robin, this time Damian Wayne, will bite the dust in Batman Incorporated #8. How does the Queen song go again? And another one’s gone and another one’s gone, another bites the Batman Incorporated 8dust. Hey hey gonna get you too another one bites the dust.

DC is depending on the media to pick up on the story here about Batman Incorporated #8, which will probably equate to some bank for them. In the real comic book collector’s world this is a non-story. Robin has taken a dirt nap once before; no one cares.

Comic book companies today seem to think that killing will make them money, but when does this get old and when will the sales show it? Many fans are already tired of it, while many non-fans (media) push it as though it’s an important event. Once the media catches on to the ridiculousness of these death stories, they eventually will all become a “who cares? event”. Can one imagine being at that DC board meeting? The same mundane board meeting that a writer gives his idea “Hey let’s kill off Robin in a last heroic battle.” And the answer is “Great idea!” Really???

So what to do? What to do? Is there a fix to the monotony of these killings? Sure there is, but much risk is involved. Who will be the first to take it? Who will step up to the plate and bring comics to a place it’s never really gone? InvestComics has a new take on the possible money grab that would take the death of a character to another level. As simple as it may sound, it would be a major event in the pages of either DC or Marvel and would sell millions.

How about if Robin was killed by Batman? Or better yet vice versa? How about if Wonder Woman killed Flash? Maybe Green Lantern kills Green Arrow? Get the idea here? Have a hero kill one of their own. Have a major player like the ones I just named murder/kill another major player. This would sell books and make national headlines. It would also be the first time a major hero would take out another within the murder/kill vein and we all know how much Marvel and DC likes to be first. There are rumblings about Wolverine dying in the pages of Marvel. Why not have Spider-Man do it?! Or Captain America? Or Thor? Make it count if you’re going to off a major character. The hero that takes out the other would then go on trial for the next 2 years or so, thus dragging out the story line and the company will reap the benefits of money because everyone will want to know the outcome, the fate of the fallen hero. (Insert hero name here) Guilty or not guilty? That could be the tag line. The trial would literally be carried by the news media as more evidence comes out and the outcome could be that the hero would “get away” with murder/kill, but will always have that stigma attached as does Casey Anthony, O.J. Simpson, etc. Some heroes will trust after the trial, some will forever have the approach of turning their back. More storyline! The constant battle within the heroes’ soul will forever endure as he/she tries to prove their worth and sometimes wanting to end their own life. Maybe many years down the road after so much suffering, pain, anguish, sorrow our hero gets vindicated. It’s here that the next money grab comes into play. Media coverage would carry that after 5 years of torment (Insert hero name here) has been vindicated. The second phase of our hero’s life will be redemption, but how will he/she react to the others that have turned their back for so long? More story line!!

Sure heroes have killed before, nothing new with that. The idea here is to have a major player (a hero, not a villain) take out another with their own hands. Then have a twist many years later that would get them off the hook. We do know this is all soap opera stuff for men right?

Would DC or Marvel take this chance and put out one of their own to be a murderer/killed? Has anyone ever thought that O.J. or Oscar Pistorius could be capable of murder or brought up on murder charges? The answer is no more often than not. But when it does happen, it’s a big deal. Let’s see Marvel or DC cab=n ever take this leap and then maybe the comic book world will respect the story lines of offing someone again and not say “oh geez not again?”

So what do you think? If you were the EIC would you give the green light on a hero murdering one of their own? What major player would you put through the ringer? Who would they kill? Share on Facebook, share on any of the below social media, or share here!

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5 thoughts on “How to make Death in Comics relevant again….

  1. In this case I love what Grant is doing. A death story can still matter if done correctly. Damian Wayne killing his ten year old younger self is brilliant!

    Instead of this new 52 DC reboot where everything is so convoluted, I would rather see these characters age out and pass the moniker down to someone else. If you keep the title but change the person wearing the suit you open up to new stories. Honestly how many Robins can be killed before Bruce snaps? DC had its chance when the made Grayson Batman and in my opinion it worked. DC should have killed Bruce Wayne and moved on.

    As for heroes killing heroes I’m all for it if it advances the universe in a positive way. It’s unfortunate that these editors have to kowtow to corporate taskmasters. It prevents powerful storytelling with long lasting effects-something most readers want.

    Also, DC doesn’t actually have to kill Bruce Wayne. All he needs to do is pull the trigger once. When Batman breaks his sacred code he must retire.

    1. Good points all the way around Topher. Compelling “risky” storylines are harder to tell if you’re essentually tied to the stock holders.

      Like the idea of passing the mantle too. I still think having a MAJOR hero take out another in a murder theme would be awesome. Having the hero STAY dead and the other hero go on trial, be shunned, etc….

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