Insta 5 – Rapid Q&A with Writer/Artist Kaare Andrews

Pick up Kaare Andrew’s E-Ratic #3 from @awastudiosofficial arriving THIS Wednesday. See more images on the @kaareandrews Instagram page.

1. TPC: You’re new comic E-Ratic is eye popping awesome. Has this character also been in your head or was it a sudden vision?
KA: E-Ratic came to me all at once, the name, the powers, the limitations, the tagline, the metaphors, all of it! The first splash page was the very first image of E-Ratic that I drew and sent over to Axel at AWA. It was all created in an afternoon. Basically, I just asked a few questions and opened myself up to the universe to respond. This is actually how any idea happens— in short blasts of lightning. It’s your job as a creative person, to catch those blasts when they come.

2. TPC: Will you create more for the AWA Publishing line?
KA: Stay tuned! And E-Ratic #3 hits stores on Feb 10th!!!

3.TPC: What’s your go-to app on your phone?
KA: My go-to app at the moment is my digital currency trading app. I never thought I’d have so much entertainment watching a small investment on a rollercoaster ride of minute-by-minute market swings. It’s hilarious.

4. TPC: What should fans check out on Netflix, or Apple, or whichever streaming service?
KA: If you’re interested in some of my directing work, I’d “direct” you over to Sniper: Assassin’s End from Sony, which you can find on iTunes (hit #1 this past fall) or may V Wars over at Netflix (I directed episode

5. TPC: What is your favorite platform to promote on?
KA Instagram is really the only place I promote my comic book work. I’ve really dialed all that back a long time ago, when everything started to get so political. Like trying to hock your crafts in an insane Asylum. By its nature, Instagram has been much more sane. It’s a little harder to go too crazy in a world of pictures. I’m honestly waiting for a new platform— one not so invasive into your user data. But for now, Instagram has been fun.

Thank you Kaare!

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