Insta 5 – Rapid Fire Q&A with Artist David Nakayama


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TPC: Without looking, do you know what your first Instagram post was? It occurred in 2014.
DN: Haha, I think so, if I remember correctly. It was a color sketch of Baymax from Big Hero 6, right? Was done at a slow con, and I got the idea to start an IG account.
TPC: It was a Spider-Gwen sketch!

TPC: When working, do you play music, need silence? What plays if music is involved?
DN: I absolutely have to have something on to work. Helps get into that ‘flow state’, you know? Typically it’ll be podcast (Revisionist History, Reply All and The Daily are frequent go-tos), but could also be a Spotify playlist, or YouTube videos that I just listen to.

TPC: Last movie you watched? Thumbs up or thumbs down?
DN: Last film was Soul, which I liked, but not as much as other Pixar films if I’m being honest. So mild thumbs up, I guess? Inside Out embraced similar themes and worked 100x better for me. That’s the one to beat imho. ?

TPC: During the pandemic, have you discovered a new hobby or a new guilty pleasure?
DN: Somehow, this year’s been WAY, way busier for me than any previous year. Fan support has really made this a great year professionally, and I can’t thank everyone enough for that ?. But that’s why I haven’t had time for new hobbies ?

TPC: What should fans look for regarding your work now and upcoming project(s)?
DN: Oh wow, so lots of exciting new covers for sure. We’ll be continuing series that people have loved and also offering some entirely new things. Quite a bit of video game stuff going on in the background, so I’ll be excited to announce those projects. Some new toy things too. It’s already shaping up to be an exciting year. Looking forward to seeing what’s next!

Thank you David! Follow David Nakayama on Instagram @davidnakayama

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