Interesting Article on Diamond’s Threshold Shift

How have Diamond’s changes affected indie and small press publishers?

Publishers’s Weekly has a very interesting article posted about Diamond’s policy changes from one year ago, which increased the threshold for new orders from 00 to 00. The goal of these changes was, of course, to reduce the number of low-selling items distributed by Diamond. The result, however, has been to reduce the number of small press and indie books that reach the direct market, with some publishers, like Viz Media, having nearly 1000 items delisted due to the change. Another side affect has been the rise of some smaller distribution companies, such as Haven, which we reported a few months ago have contracted with Boom! Studios to handle all of their second printings.

Check out the article here, which provides some intelligent insight into the issue, and its impact on the comic book industry, particularly single issue comics.
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Posted originally: 2010-02-11 00:19:30

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