InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 1-11-12

Welcome to InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 1-11-12

First order of business, if you haven’t checked out the latest Interview from Andra Walt with writer Justin Gray (DC’s The Ray), you can click right HERE to do so. Great Interview!

Marvel Comics has a new Spider-Man number one issue this week. Not too bad actually, only 8 days in on the New Year and we have our first number one Spidey book. It seems like there should be 4 by now, but no wait, that may be the number of variants that Scarlet Spider-Man #1 will have this week. Whichever, the nonsense of the overabundance of variants will continue. Oh well.  So the Scarlet Spider-man will have its’ own book. And this being InvestComics, lets pass along the info of the first appearance! Look for Web of Spider-Man #119 (Kaine -1994) and pluck down a couple of bucks. You’ll be a proud owner of the first Scarlet Spider-Man.

Another back issue you could check out is Transformers #1 from Marvel Comics. This 1984 comic used to be in heavy demand (like so many others) and since then has tailed off dramatically. A nice pick up at around the $15 area. With IDW Publishing making their hard push with two new Transformer titles this week; Transformers More Than Meets The Eye #1 and Transformers Robots In Disguise #1, it’s a possibility that IDW can restart the interest in the back issue lot from the 1984 Marvel series. A very slight possibility, but one nonetheless.

With all of the restarts, and series that Wolverine has endured, Marvel cranks out the money machine in an “Explosive” milestone issue. Wolverine #300 pulls out all of the stops here. The “Extra Sized” issue, The “Instant classic story”, and the best reason to take a look at this book, an introduction of a new Silver Samurai. Well there you have it, Wolverine #300 your call.

Three number one issues from the land of Independent comics you should definitely check out this week. Dark Matter #1 from Dark Horse Comics looks very interesting, Aspen Comics’ Dead Man’s Run #1 from writer Greg Pak, and Whispers #1 from Image Comics.

Check out 10 Covers of The Week below.

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