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DC’s relaunch is finally over. All of their number one issue’s have come out, or have they? Apparently DC isn’t done just yet. Two more number one issue’s, this time (insert your best Voltron voice here) in form of Limited Series’. Aren’t we all lucky! Maybe not, we’ll see.

Marvel has answered the bell this past week with their Point One – The Foundation and The Incredible Hulk #1. It’s becoming total nonsense with the reboot’s and epic events. Comic books need to get back to basics and have heroes vs. villains, but then again THAT doesn’t make money for them anymore! Although, most of your Independent publishers are completely blowing that theory out the window now aren’t they?!

Enough of the meandering, let’s check out some books coming out this week.

DC for the fifth consecutive week here debut a new number one issue(s). This time as mentioned earlier, both limited series. Huntress #1 from writer Paul Levitz, with art from Marcus To and John Dell. Now if this series decides to take off and DC makes it a regular ongoing, shouldn’t 52 become 53? Oh wait a new month, so it’s still 52 last month but now it’s just 52 + 2. Just saying. The Huntress had several first appearances, so we’re going to cover all of our bases to ensure rumblings from the peanut gallery below (love you guys!). The very first Huntress (Paula Brooks) came in 1947’s Sensational Comics #68. If you’re interested in buying it, it’ll cost a heavy $750. The second Huntress (Helena Wayne) debuted in All Star Comics #69 (1977). Here you’re looking at another heavy sum of $60. The third Huntress (Helena Bertinelli – Valerie’s sister?? Oh never mind) came in herself titled comic in 1989. Find this comic in the $1 bins throughout the land, and why the mention of “heavy cost”, because the Huntress will always remain a third rate character with no upside to her first appearances. Well that’s not unless Geoff Johns gets a hold of her.

The second limited series comes from a villain within the Batman gallery that seems as though time has passed him by. He seems so dated, has for quite some time now. The only oblivious guesses here as to why the Penguin is in his own limited series are that DC has a story to tell and they’re trying to make him relevant again. Either way, the Penguin is going to stay on “ice” for a while. His first appearance though commands a pricey 12k in Detective Comics #58 (1941). The only saving grace for this Penguin story is that it’s written by Gregg Hurwitz. Otherwise, Penguin will waddle back into obscurity after this series.

There are a few Independents to check out this week. Blood Red Dragon #0. Todd McFarlane and Stan Lee create this new hero and hand over the reins to others to handle the writing and pencil duties. If the cover is anything to come for the inside, this looks awesome. Also from Image, Last of the Greats #1 and Strange Talent of Luther Strode #1 look to be interesting reads. And finally, Zenoscope’s Theater #1 looks like fun as well.

See you next week.

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3 thoughts on “InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 10-5-11

  1. I liked what they did with Penguin in FLASHPOINT: BATMAN. He was like the Alfred-figure for Thomas Wayne.

  2. If you were like me and collected everything they fed us in the 90s you will remember how truly awful the Huntress was. The only thing worse than the story was the art. Sad when really great artist just “phone” the book in instead of actually caring about either story or art.

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