InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 11-16-11

Welcome to InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 11-16-11. This week Marvel gets the spotlight again, but DC continues to bring it with their relaunch, introducing new characters, new origins, new powers, new villains, and so forth. So be sure to check out the DC books for the great stories and intro’s going on. 

Marvel’s Avengers Origin titles are a great way to learn about some characters that aren’t within the mainstream, i.e. Spidey, Wolverine, etc. Case in point last week with Avengers Origins: Vision #1. Yes we have all seen these origins a million times, but why not see them again? What’s old is new again. Just like Vision’s origin book last week, this week we get a look at another hero that simply should get their due. Unlike Vision in many ways, Luke Cage would be a tremendous brand if given the right direct. One area that Marvel is lacking on the motion picture side is having an African American hero. Why not start with a character that has been around for almost 40 years? Luke’s presence on the screen would be everything that the Punisher should be. So with that said, if you’re looking for a nice first appearance book at an affordable price with some upside to it, look for Luke Cage Hero For Hire #1 (1972). Comics Price guide list this comic at $80. A comic origin issue with a fantastic character, with upside, and creators Archie Goodwin and John Romita Sr. attached to it. That’s a buy folks. 

Like variant covers? Marvel will be releasing a comic dedicated to the variant cover summer campaign “I am Captain America”. Forty pages of beautiful variants that you can pay only $3.99 for instead of $25 for one. Granted the collectors rare ratio isn’t here, but if you simply cannot afford OR don’t feel like paying a premium for the originals, buy this for the pure eye candy. 

Speaking of rare comics, this week’s Kapow: Guinness World Record Special #1 will be just that. The fastest comic ever made, less than 12 hours. There are so many great things going on with this comic. First and most importantly, all the proceeds from this comic will go to Yorkhill Children’s Hospital in Scotland. Second thing, names within this collaboration include Millar, Romita Jr., Leinil Yu, Jock, Quitely, Gibbons, and on and on the names go. Thirdly, the cost will be only $2.99, and the last thing that is quite awesome here is that there will only be 10,000 of these made! Great cause, great creators, great price, great collector’s item. 

X-Factor #227, someone bites the dust… for real. Sure they’ll be back a couple of years from now, but NOW is now. 

Some Independents to check out this week, Image Comics’ Mudman #1 form Paul Grist, Locke and Key: The Guide To Known Keys #1 may be the first comic ever about keys. Wonder if it’ll have my car keys in there. “Scout” Legend Tim Truman teams up with his son Ben and produces Hawken #1. Incidentally, Tim’s first published work is in First Comics Starslayer #10 (1983). It can be found in a dollar bin at your LCS or Con. This is unbelievable but true! IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is doing very well. Now IDW will go with TMNT Micro Series #1 Raphael. This isn’t the first time Raphael goes solo. Mirage Publishing did the Micro Series thing with Raphael in 1985. That number one issue at one time fetched some decent cash, in today’s market though the offer stands at only $10. 

That’s it for this week. Check out 16 eye popping covers of the week below. 

Invest wisely. 

Jay Katz

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