InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 11-23-11

Welcome to InvestComics’ Comic Hot Picks 11-23-11  

As we’ve already stated in previous Hot Pick articles, DC continues to reign supreme on the front lines as far as new storylines, first appearances, new origins, and new villains. So be sure to stay on top of those books! The million dollar question now for DC is when will the first Crossover/Event hit? Did someone say “summer 2012?” 

Avengers Origins comes out this week with a weaker cast than last week (Last week featured a solo Luke Cage actually).  Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch are the focal points. Although not known for their strong presence within the pages of a comic these days, they would probably translate better onto a big screen. It really would be a pleasant surprise to see Scarlet pop up in the new Avengers film. And just in case you’re wondering, with all of this Avengers talk, these two did not first appear in an Avengers book.  But you knew that already, right? They first appeared in The X-Men #4 (1964). The starting bid comes in around the $2800 range. The drawback here is the non household (weak) first appearances (also including the first appearance of the Toad). The plus side is it has Jack Kirby pencils and cover art.  

Newer character Tanarus is the new God of Thunder in Mighty Thor #8. In case you missed his first appearance, it’s in Fear Itself 7.2. Thor……. 7.2? Is this necessary? Strange.  

Fantastic Four hits a milestone this week with issue #600. You’d figure with all the relaunches, last issues, and it’s funny how we always get that anniversary issue! And what’s human Torch doing on the cover? Didn’t he die? Anyway, check out the creator filled, 104 pages, “please inquire for pricing” anniversary issue!  

Need some help with this one folks. Frank Miller is paid some kudos this week with a couple of tribute covers. The first one is a no doubter with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #3. A nod to Frank’s Epic Daredevil run, and the awesome cover artist Fred Hembeck borrows from is Daredevil #175. The second tribute is one that is very puzzling. The new Dungeons and Dragons #13 cover by Steve Ellis pays homage to a Wolverine cover that this writer just can’t seem to find. The image of the cover remains in the brain, but the cover number or title slips the mind. If anyone would please point out the issue, this would be great (I’ll be able to sleep!). There is a cover that features Wolverine in a finger motion with claws out that is not the Frank Miller Wolverine #1 (1982). The D&D cover also brings me back to Todd Mcfarlane’s Incredible Hulk #340. But there is that ONE cover (pin up Image maybe?) that has the same exact pose as the D&D cover with Wolverine. Please help! 

Here are a couple of Independents to check out this week. Jurassic Strike Force #0 from Zenoscope Entertainment looks very entertaining. And with the holiday’s right around the corner, the great artistry of Billy Tucci brings us A Child is Born.  


Check out the covers of the week below. If you have a cover that you think should have made it, share with us! See you next week. 

Invest wisely. 

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone here at InvestComics.  

Jay Katz

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