InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 11-2-11

Welcome to InvestComics Hot Picks 11-2-11

A lot of Marvel to talk about this week; let’s jump right in……

Looks like Marvel has a real winner coming out this week. With DC’s Western titles doing well, it’s no wonder why Marvel will be anteing up. The title to look for this week is Six Guns. Not to be confused with Oni Press’ Sixth Gun. Six Guns #1 will feature an abundance of old style western characters and bringing them up to date. Some of the westerner’s first appearances are surprisingly very affordable, which means you should probably get your hands on them if Marvel decides it’s time for a very cool modern day western movie. Many of the first appearances came before Marvel in Timely Comics.
Here are the main players:
Black Rider – First appearance in All Star Western Winners #2 (1948) $1200.
Tarantula – First Appearance in Ghost Rider #2 (1967) $80
Matt Slade – First Appearance Matt Slade,Gunfighter #1 (1956) $240
Two Gun Kid – First Appearance Two Gun Kid #1 (1948) $1400
Tex Dawson – First Appearance Western Kid #1 (1954) $250. This comic features John Romita Sr. art throughout. A steal here at $250.






Avengers Origins: Ant-Man and Wasp #1 features a beauty of a cover from Marko Djurdjevic. However, beauty does not lie within the price of the first appearances from the napoleon complex guy and the shortest girl in the room. Ant-Man first appeared in Tales To Astonish #27 (1962) and is priced at $12,000. Seems like a bit much for a character that not many know who or what Ant-Man is. The scarceness of this comic is probably driving the price. 17 issues later in Tales To Astonish #44 (1963) we come across Janet Van Dyne as Wasp. This comic goes for a pricey $600. With your $600, you can talk a dealer down a little and get 3 of those western comics mentioned earlier.

In sticking with the female character for a moment, Thor: For Asgard – Deviants Saga #1 features the villain Ereshkigal, and she’s a bad as*. Herfirst appearance cost about $594 less than good ol’ Janet. Look for Thor #283 (1979).

There is nothing like nostalgia. This week we see 3 covers paying homage to yesteryear. Amazing Spider-Man #673 features an ode to Amazing Spider-Man #50 (1967) $1200. John Romita’s famous Spidey suit in the trash page goes on cover the cover of 673. It also features Kingpin’s first appearance. Image Comics Giant Sized Elephantmen #1 of course pays homage to Giant Sized X-Men #1 (1975) $1400. And if you’ve lived under a rock for the past 36 years, that book features the new X-Men from Dave Cockrum and Gil Kane. The third cover is an old Steve Ditko Spidey cover, but you’ll have to watch the video below to catch that one.





Here are some Independents to check out this week. Heart # 1 from image, IDW’s Jack Avarice is the Courier #1, Big Dog Inks Legend of Oz The Wicked West #1 (this looks awesome), David Paul and Sebastian Piccione (IC reviewers/FFFIC/Joseph!) rave about BOOM! Studios Planet of the Apes. Now we get Betrayal of Planet of the Apes #1. Let’s see if it lives up to the previous. And Peanuts #0, with a fantastic review from David Paul on Peanuts Happiness is a warm blanket Charlie Brown. Click here to check that out.

…..And be sure to check out Avengers Academy #21 with lots of new things going on in there as well as Marvel’s parody Shame Itself #1.

Lastly, check out the Covers Of The Week video below. With Halloween tomorrow, it only seems fitting that the music selection is from John Carpenter’s Halloween.

See you next week, Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


6 thoughts on “InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 11-2-11

  1. Really?

    Dog westerns over Tales to Astonish 44 for an investment opportunity. OK. Tell you what, I’ll sell you every one of those westerns you site, and you sell me the TTA 44. That’s AWFUL “investment” advice.

    The TTA 44 is (1) very hard to find (2) especially hard to find in grade and (3) a near slam dunk as it is one of the few mainstream Marvel superhero intro books that hasn’t really exploded yet. Those westerns cited above are dogs and have been for 40 years. Arf. Arf. Arf. Also, there’s a reason why Thor 283 is six bucks. It is a dog, and is everywhere.

    If I want Wizard level “investment” advice, I’ll go there. This is supposed to be “investcomics”, and your advice is just ridiculous.

    1. So sorry you don’t agree with this. 2 things here. 1 – Tag line up top, InvestComics – Your “Entertainment” Investment Guide. 2 – If you don’t like the station, change it. It’s not for everyone, just having fun here. Thanks for checking us out though.

  2. If you’re just having fun, why not give real advice? Seriously, people are out there looking for this sort of thing, and you’re not giving good advice if you’re telling people to drop money in Marvel westerns that are (and have been for 40 years) worthless.

    There’s probably a great niche for investment advice in comics – even with a tongue in cheek concept – and you guys (given that you own the URL) ought to jump on it.

    Here – I’ll even give you some of the softballs. For a SHORT term play, jump on Severed and The Vault (that’s easy). Look at any Phoenix appearances in X-Men (X-Men 101, while pricey, still has some room, maybe X-Men 134-137). Late 1980s high grade Batman books, which are jumping.

    There’s all sorts of things out there.

    1. Dan, been at this for 6 years with InvestComics now. Been having a fun time and giving out great advice for that time. Thing is, if you add a serious element to all of this then it’s not much fun anymore. The crash of the 90’s taught this lesson to us. Each and every week (for 6 years) we’ve been giving out the “softballs” and “oddballs” as well. No sense in giving the same mundane “you should buy New Mutants #98, potential upside here”, you have to go with different areas to keep things interesting….and fun! If you check out the other hot picks articles you’ll see that there are many softballs and obsecure titles to choose from. And as far as the westerns go, is it possible they never see upside again, maybe. Is it possible Marvel hits something that starts a found interest in western titles, thus leading to other things? Cartoons, movies, toys, etc? maybe. Thing is, markets trend, some don’t. But lets have fun trying to debate about it instead of saying “well that sucks!” Debating of sorts like we are is healthy for the enviroment of collecting and I respect your opinion.

  3. I believe you guys are missing the point of the Hot Picks.
    Jay is relating new release comics to the investment of first appearances.
    Six Guns #1 sounds much more interesting than Avengers Origins.
    Plus, it is easier for a casual collector to pay the funds for the Marvel westerns than to find the Tales to Astonish issues.

    1. Yes Adam, correct. Why not buy some affordable western that MAY have an upside to them. It’s my opinion, not everyone has to agree with it. Besides the Western Kid #1 with John Romita all over it with a first appearance for a 1954 book is quite nice. I really like that book.

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