InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 11-9-11

Welcome to InvestComics Hot Picks for the week of November 9th 2011. 

It’s all about Marvel this week, let’s jump right in. 

Spider-Man will be coming at us with another number one issue this week. Although the title isn’t everyone’s cup o’ Joe, uh tea; Avenging Spider-Man #1 it will find success in the early going. The new title is brought to us by writer Zeb Wells and Artist Joe “Mad” Madureira. The Marvel brass is touting this comic as the great return of Joe Mad. Well since it’s a return, let’s go back in time for a moment to see where he began in regards to his work and on Spidey. Joe’s first professional work can be found in Marvel Comics Presents #89 (1991). His first Spider-Man work however was a Spider-Man cover on Spider-man vs. Dracula #1 (1994). And as far as Zeb Wells, his first Spidey work was in Peter Parker Spider-Man #42 (2002). All of these comics can probably be found at your local comic shops in the one dollar bins. They shouldn’t be that hard to find at all. That said the Marvel Comics Presents #89 is a nifty collector’s item.

The biggest take away for the Avenging Spider-Man book is that it comes in 7 variant covers. There really is no need for the abundance of variants. Why not have 2 covers? A regular and variant. Oh yes wait…..cha ching. 

Marvel’s second “Avenge” title focuses in on a very cool character that never seems to get his due. Avengers Origin: Vision #1 will bring back the Vision in this one shot. Right now over on ebay though, Vision seems to be getting his due there. Visions first appearance in Avengers #57 (1968) on ebay, a couple of CGC 9.2’s are going within the $800 range. That’s some nice cash for a risky collector’s item. 

Another homage cover to talk about this week. It’s an oblivious one, but fun nonetheless. This time Marvel borrows from their collection. Wolverine #18 pays a tribute to Spider-Man #1 (1990) from Todd McFarlane. Of course you saw that one right away, but for those few who don’t know, check out the side by side images. Lee’s X-Men, Liefeld’s New Mutants, McFarlane’s Spidey, fun times they were, fun times.


Don’t forget to check out Point One #1. It gives readers a glance into the future in 2012 for Marvel Comics. 

Scroll through the covers of the week below. As always, cover artist doing their thing. Awesome. 

See you next week, Invest wisely. 

Jay Katz

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